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The 10 Most Powerful Pals in Palworld

Choose a strong companion in Palworld

By snow smithPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

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In the game of Palworld, players are constantly on the lookout for powerful Pals to add to their collection. These Pals come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. As the game continues to evolve, certain Pals have emerged as particularly powerful and sought after by players. Here, we take a look at the top 10 most powerful Pals in the game of Palworld.

It's important to keep in mind that catching Pals can be a costly endeavor that requires a kind of Palworld item called Spheres, which you can acquire by various means, such as picking up and crafting.


Mammorest is a powerful Pal in Palworld, featuring the Grass element and located in Grassy Behemoth Hills. It's utilized for lumbering, mining, and planting, with a weakness to Fire. Mammorest's partner skill, Gaia Crusher, makes it a formidable opponent early on. Players should approach with caution due to its strong attacks that can significantly impact HP and knock out other Pals.


Daedream is a Pal in Palworld with the Dark element, found on the starting island during nighttime. It's used for handiwork, gathering, and transporting. Vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks, its partner skill is Dream Catcher. Daedream roams around emitting purple lights and can be captured using a Pal Sphere after weakening it. It provides a unique advantage for nighttime activities and tasks.


Jetragon is a Dragon element Pal found in Mount Obsidian, utilized for gathering. Its weakness is to Ice, and it boasts the partner skill Aerial Missile. Jetragon is among the most formidable Pals in Palworld, presenting a significant challenge to capture and defeat. Its location in the southwestern part of the map makes it a challenging yet rewarding Pal for players to add to their collection


Anubis is a Ground element Pal located in Twilight Dunes, useful for handiwork, mining, and transporting. Its weakness is to Grass, and it possesses the partner skill Guardian of the Desert. Players need to be at Level 47 and master game mechanics to defeat Anubis in combat, making it a valuable Pal for those exploring the desert regions of the map.


Jormuntide is a Dragon/Ice or Dragon/Fire element Pal in Palworld, found at Southwest Lake of Investigator's Fork or hatched from a Dragon Egg. It can be used for watering (if Water-type) or kindling (if fire-type), with weaknesses to Electric and Water for the Ignis variant. Its partner skills are Stormbringer Sea Dragon or Stormbringer Lava Dragon, making it one of the world bosses and a formidable creature that can easily defeat unprepared players.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis is a variant of Jormuntide in Palworld, characterized by its Dragon/Fire element. It is located at the Southwest Lake of Investigator's Fork or can be hatched from a Dragon Egg. This variant is used for kindling and has weaknesses to Electric and Water . Its partner skill is Stormbringer Lava Dragon, emphasizing its potent fire-based capabilities. Jormuntide Ignis represents a significant challenge as one of the world bosses in the game, requiring careful preparation to defeat or capture


Grizzbolt is an Electric element Pal found on an island in the southeastern corner of the map in Palworld. It's utilized for generating electricity, handiwork, lumbering, and transporting, with a weakness to Ground. This Pal also features the partner skill Yellow Tank. Grizzbolt first appears as a story boss in the Rayne Syndicate Tower, and although it cannot be captured there, it can later be found roaming for capture and use .


Faleris is a Fire element Pal located on an island in the northeastern corner of Palworld's map. It's primarily used for kindling and transporting, with a weakness to Water. Faleris possesses the partner skill Scorching Predator, highlighting its prowess. Players seeking to capture Faleris must be prepared for a journey through cold, snow-covered plains to reach its habitat, underscoring the challenge and dedication needed to add this majestic bird to their collection of Pals.


Azurobe is a high-level Pal in Palworld, combining Dragon and Water elements. Found on the same southeastern island as Grizzbolt, Azurobe is used for kindling and transporting. Its weakness is Electricity, and it features the partner skill Waterwing Dance. Azurobe represents one of the fiercest challenges for players exploring the Palpagos Islands, requiring careful planning and strong combat skills to capture or defeat


Cawgnito is a Dark element Pal in Palworld, found roaming the starting islands during nighttime. It's used primarily for lumbering, with a weakness to Dragon. Cawgnito's partner skill is Telepeck, making it a unique and strong Pal for players to capture and utilize for their adventures across the Palpagos Islands.


Blazehowl is a Fire element Pal in Palworld, located at Mount Obsidian. It's used for lumbering and kindling, with a weakness to Water. Blazehowl's partner skill, Hellflame Lion, adds to its utility and power. This Pal can also assist in cooking, offering both combat and practical benefits for players navigating the diverse environments and challenges of Palworld.

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