Super Meat Boy Forever Preview

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Super Meat Boy Forever Preview

Since 2010, we have all been playing Super Meat Boy, I'm sure. Dying a lot in the process, filling with rage and slowly making progress, but progress is progress, and this: This is progress.

From this, and the press release, we have new information including a release year, a rundown of the systems it will be on, and how that will roll out, as well as new gameplay information.

If you were paying attention to PAX 2014, you may remember this being announced and will also notice that it looks considerably different to what was shown off. Team Meat, early this year, basically started the development cycle again but with "a vision much bigger than the original vision for Super Meat Boy Forever." This appears to be a full sequel but only with a infinitely cooler name.

So what's new in Super Meat Boy Forever? Firstly, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a lovely little baby girl called Nugget, who is kidnapped by the abhorrent Dr. Fetus, who is still a complete and utter jerk. There are six new chapters each with their own secrets and bosses and new dynamically constructed levels in both the Light World and the laborious Dark World.

Upon completion of a level, it will reconstruct itself into increasingly rage-inducing versions of itself (to a point); the levels are carefully designed to always be complete-able so Team Meat won't be throwing all the saws in the world at you and calling it hard.

In a major turn of events, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are no longer completely defenceless, they can now punch and kick their enemies, right in their stupid faces. Ha!

In regards to gameplay changes, Super Meat Boy Foreverwill be controlled by only two buttons, giving you access to a jump, jump attack, a slide, and a dive. Which I'm sure can be combined in a variety of beautiful way. If you've played the original Super Meat Boy, you'll be asking yourself: "How is that even possible?" Well, here's how, directly from the mouths of Team Meat themselves:

"Well, the secret is you design the controls then you design levels that complement the controls. That’s how we did it with Super Meat Boy, and that’s how we’ve done it with Super Meat Boy Forever and it works amazingly well and it has the benefit of allowing anyone to pick up and play the game, but still offers a challenge on par with Super Meat Boy." — Official Team Meat Press Release.

Super Meat Boy Forever will be available for basically every platform under the sun, from PS4 to Android and everything in between. Here's how the release will go: Team Meat will work on having their game run as good as it can on the consoles and PC and then begin work on porting it over to Android and Apple products. This method makes a lot of sense, you don't want your game to run like garbage on anything.

For more information about Super Meat Boy Forever, you can pop along to PAX West Booth #835 for a demonstration. It will also be playable on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at the booth as well. You can also visit the official Super Meat Boy Forever website for even more information, and keep your eyes peeled on the official Team Meat twitter.

I cannot wait to play this game, it looks amazing. When the release does come I will be doing a full review as well. Having never being able to complete the first Super Meat Boy I am hoping that I manage to get through this one without pulling all of my hair out.

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Aaron McArthur
Aaron McArthur
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