Storming Meridell Castle: Step by Step

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A Neopian Battlefield Legends Game Guide

Storming Meridell Castle: Step by Step

For the sake of this explanation, I will be playing as Darigan. However, you can play as any team you wish...the dark side is cool though. Just saying.

WARNING: This strategy guide involves the need to spend 100 NeoCash.

The strategies involved in this walkthrough involve using the Decoy Tower. Which is a Neocash item. In other words, this walkthrough involves the spending of real money. If you don't want to spend real money, don't worry. If you want to read this one anyway, there are still some great strategies to be learned from this walkthrough.

Choosing Towers

For this walkthrough, you need the Rapid-Fire Tower, the Catapult Tower, the Decoy Tower and of course the automatically selected Wooden Tower. The fifth tower is the player's choice. So feel to choose your favourite. Keep in mind that in this walkthrough that you actually don't need the Ranged Tower because this walkthrough will show you a much more effective way to take down flying enemies.

The First Two Catapults

You start the game with 150 coins. Use these to purchase two Rapid-Fire Towers and place them right were the enemies will first enter. Then feel free to start the game when you are ready.

Defend The Exit

Set up a one wooden tower right at the exit. Upgrade it to completion! Then set up another one on the other side of the path. Upgrade that one to completion.

The Wooden Tower costs 30 points per upgrade.

(Optional) If you have any extra points, use them to upgrade one of the Rapid-Fire Towers before wave six.

This is just a preparation for the next step really. All it does is make sure your towers are ready for the Giant Tortum in wave six. Please note that it's best to upgrade one tower at a time, instead of sharing funds for two.

The Rapid-Fire Tower costs 60 points per upgrade.

Spend Level Six Preparing for Level Seven

Use the funds from the Giant Tortum in wave six to buy the decoy tower and the wooden tower needed for level seven. This is needed because at the beginning of level seven is when we see the first appearance of a minor annoyance. I call him 'The Castle Destroyer.'

Place the Decoy Tower and Wooden Tower in the Middle of the Map

The castle destroyer will walk to the Decoy Tower no matter where it is placed on the map. This is an easy way to get him away from the other catapults that are needed to knock out the rest of the enemies.

It is recommended to upgrade the wooden tower once, but not necessary.

Upgrading towers restores that tower's health!

Don't upgrade the decoy tower until after the Castle Destroyer is gone. Every time you upgrade the castle, the health gets restored.

Optional: Every time that the Castle Destroyer is turned into a puff a smoke. Use a bit of that earnings to upgrade the Decoy Tower one more time. This way the tower is put back to full health.

The Decoy Tower costs 30 points per upgrade.

You don't need arrows to take down the flying creatures.

So it turns out there is a way better strategy for taking flying Neopets like the Quiggle Scouts. This strategy also takes down other Neopets as well, making it the ideal strategy use in all levels. This strategy is called the 'Centre Catapult' strategy.

Long story short, Catapult Towers and Rapi-Fire Towers work very effectively against flying enemies.

Put Up a Catapult or Two

Recommended: Put two at the exit.

Recommended: Don't forget to keep upgrading your towers.

Start Bending the Path

Be sure to use cheaper towers for this. You don't need to upgrade these towers, but can if you really want to. They are really placed there just to change the paths of all the attackers but the flying ones. It's meant slow down the attackers and maybe even put them past bigger towers a second time.

Just remember to put the more powerful towers closer to the center so they can still get the Quiggle scouts in their pesky balloons.

Defend the Exit

Around wave 14, you are going to want to put a bit more attention around the exit. Don't forget this is a great opportunity to put up a catapult to get the flying attacks!

Optional: Keep Bending the Path

Force your enemies to pass the same towers twice.

This is called the 'ZigZag Strategy.'

Almost Done... Just Keep Putting Up Towers

The Last Wave

How does it work?
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