'Spyro 4'

by Don Grubb 5 months ago in adventure games

What Could Have Been

'Spyro 4'

Back in 2004 I saw the commercial for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on TV. I was so happy, being a big Spyro fan, myself. It took up most of my time; playing any kind of Spyro game I could. When the game came out I was all sorts of happy, and wanted nothing more than to play Spyro on the PS2. But I was poor and did not own a PS2 at the time. I tried so hard to get my hands on it. Finally, I got to play the Gamecube version, due to the fact that my grandma got the game beforehand, and didn't know how to play. She ended up giving it to me later on.

At the time, I liked it, and did not know why others did not. As I got older, I started to see it; the bad lip syncing, the terribly written script, the glitchy mess of the whole game. To me, the worst factor was getting rid of the portals. I did not see this as a kid. However, I know now how bad it was, and the simple reason was two words: rushed development. This game could have been so much better if they had the time to make it right. Originally, Gnasty Gnorc was set to team up with Ripto, and there were to be more worlds than what we got. This game had the potential to be absolutely amazing, just like its predecessors. But because Universal wanted to have something out for the holiday, they rushed the development, costing the development team to shut down the studio. I think if the studio had the time to make it like they wanted, we could have had an amazing game with better mini games and more boss fights, including Gulp and Crush, and maybe having an awesome rematch with Gnasty Gnorc, not just a name drop. Portals were a keystone in the Spyro franchise. Why take them away? More dragonflies to collect, an Earth breath instead of a bubble breath, and using ice breath to catch the dragonflies would have been fun. Fixing the bugs, and having it run at the 60 fps that it was going to, would also have saved it.

By no means do I think the game is trash, only that this rushed game could have been so much more, had the studio had an extra year to fix everything. The Reignited Trilogy will be out this year, and I know the portals will be back. I am sure it will be great, otherwise, we will have some problems. also had a thought about getting the game boy games as a 3D remaster. I loved Season of Ice and Season of Flame; it would be nice to see it redone as as 3D game like the play station one games.

Back in November, Spyro: The Reignited has shown us that Toys for Bob is able to make a great Spyro game, so I will support what they do next. I hope they do remake this game, and show us how it can be fixed. but if they make an all new Spyro game, that is great too.

For me the biggest thing I want them to do is make the portals permanent. I don't know who said it would be a good idea to take them out, but that rubbed me the wrong way. Heck maybe they can remake one of the GBA games, and improve on them, like have them in full 3D and include levels where you can see where you are going, and full movie-like cut scenes.

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