Should you Buy a PS5 or Switch to PC?

By BeanRagu

Should you Buy a PS5 or Switch to PC?

Ok gamers, it's the start of a new generation of consoles. The new XBOX and PS5 will be here very soon and it's time to think about upgrades people, upgrades. Here, I'll talk about the PS5 and whether you should just change over to PC.

First, let us talk money. PS5 with no disk reader is $400 USD, with a disk reader is $500. Now a good gaming PC that can even run VR is $600-$1000 roughly. PSVR is carrying over, so PS5 can run VR without having to upgrade PSVR. Now, it takes around a year for a gen change really get traction. So, in that year there lies a big question. Would you take that year of time to save up an extra $600-1000$ for a good PC that can be upgraded over the years, or buy a PS5 now that'll get an upgrade in 6+ years?

We know that when the PS4 came out, about two years in new versions of the PS4 came out with higher specs. Now you've spent $800+ in two years. When with a computer, you can make the little upgrades over the years without having to buy 2 new PCs like how you'll buy 1 or 2 new PS5s to upgrade your specs.

Now you may be thinking about the entertainment services that the PS Store has to offer. Netflix, movies, disney+ and all the other entertainment apps. A PC is more than capable of having these entertainment applications and services. The PC can be used for all that and then some. You would have all the perks of gaming that you would get from a console along with all the capabilities of a PC.

Time to talk about PS5 exclusive games. A lot of people play and have stuck with the Ps4 because of the top-notch exclusive games on Ps4. You may be reluctant to give those up. Well, some of the best ones like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are on PC. There is also talk of having more exclusives going to PC in the future. Plus, even if the game isn't available to PC, if there is a will there is a way. ;)

Sharing on PC is much easier and more developed than on consoles. PC gives options and editing capabilities not seen on consoles. The PS4 did do a good job trying but still couldn't hold a candle to PC. There is a reason streamers and YouTubers favor the PC for content creation. If you think you'll ever be interested in sharing or are interested, now is the time to switch to PC.

The PRO GAMING scene is the greatest on PC. Pro gamers may use controllers, but most times than not the controller is partnered with a PC, not a PlayStation console. If you want better connectivity, frame rate, and overall smoother gaming experience? PC will give that to you.

Game selection? With stores like Steam and Epic Games, you won't have to worry about game selection. You'll get everything and then some. There is a long list of PC games that aren't on console that are crazy good and loads of fun. Sales and deals going on in those stores too.

At the end of the day, at this point in time with the changing of generations. Getting a PC is the best option for a PS4 gamer. The only reason you wouldn't get a PC is because of PlayStation loyalty. That is ridiculous while at the same time admirable. Look, I recommend taking the time to save up that extra mullah to get that gaming PC. Hell, in a year, if manage to save up $3000 you could get a state-of-the-art gaming PC. Cool thing is, you'll be right on time cause the PS4 will start going out of style by then.

It's time for an upgrade, what upgrade will you choose?

PC... or PS5?

A little to think about, coming from a gamer.

I wish you all well in the No Respawn Zone

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Pablo Gonzales
Pablo Gonzales
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