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Saints Row Reboot

by Ferrari King 9 months ago in product review

My Opinion on the Saints Row Reboot

People have some strong opinions on the new Saints Row reboot and rightly so. My first introduction to Saints was Saints Row 2 and I remember waking up at 3:30 in the morning just so I could play it before work. The game was that addictive. I played that game every chance I got, and I was excited when Saints Row 3 came out. I maxed out my character easily and genuinely enjoyed that game. Then Saints Row 4 came out. I am one of the few that liked that game. I just pretended it was a fever dream the boss was having. It does not compare to Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3.

Now we have a reboot of our beloved Saints Row franchise, and many people are not happy. Claim Saints Row went WOKE and others claim it looks like Fortnite. Many claim the Saints look like hipsters and not gangbangers. The original Saints did have that gangbanger, do not mess with me look and these new Saints do look like a bunch of college kids that just got together thinking they could form a gang. I do not play Fortnite so I cannot compare. As for it going WOKE, well I would have to play it first. I will say, as someone mentioned in the comment section of a YouTube video, the original Saints Row did diversity the right way. I could be wrong, but it looks like the Saints Row reboot just went with troupes and caricatures of each group.

I have heard people use the Saints Row reboot to mention that guys do not like playing as muscular females, referring to the Last of Us part II. Personally, I am not intimidated by actual strong or intelligent women and prefer their company. Movies such as the Aliens franchise, Alien: Isolation video game, the Terminator and many more can have strong female characters without making them obnoxious and overbearing. Here is a rule I use. If a man played that role and behaved like that woman, what would you think of him? If he acts like many of these so-called strong women, you will think he as a boorish, uninteresting, rude, jerk, that should not be in a place of power. I am not saying the Saints Row reboot is like this since it seems to have character customization and people tend to pick anything to complain about.

I will just pretend this takes place in an alternative universe as well as the Agents of Mayhem game we got a while ago. I really wish they would remaster Saints Row and Saints Row 2. I never got a chance to play the first Saints Row and I would like to livestream them on my twitch: ferrariking1955, and I hope you follow me. I would also like to upload them to my YouTube channel where you can subscribe to me.

As I said, I just pretend Saints Row 4 and Gat out of Hell were fever dreams. I assume that we save Shaundi and the main bad guy got away, so the boss had been upset for weeks not being able to find him and got sick, mainly because of guilt of him getting away and the death of Johnny Gat. I would like to see Saints Row 5, where Pierce and Shaundi they found the guy hiding in another city and Johnny Gat survived but has amnesia. We now have two cities to take over and can still travel back to Steelwater and Steelport. The boss must help Johnny Gat get his memories back through a few missions and side missions. Johnny is still a badass and more than willing to help the Saints. After hearing about the boss’s dreams, Pierce decided they would make great games so we get side missions where we can enter Saints Row’s version of the matrix.

I hope you enjoyed reading and please read my other works and follow me on twitch and YouTube. Please read other articles by other writers.

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