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by Aaron Blackburn about a month ago in pc

Should you get it?

Rust was in early access in December 2013 and fully released in February 2018. Rust is a hardcore survival PC game that starts you out butt-naked (your choice of seeing the nudity or not) with only a rock and a torch. From that point forward, you have to survive by any means necessary. You not only have to survive the environment, but also the other players and npc players alike. This game does not have a "tutorial" per say, but they give you some basic quest like objectives to steer you in the right direction in your first time playing. They have Official, Community, and Modded servers to choose from, but if you are a trophy/achievement hunter you need to stay in the official or community servers to get the achievements.

I have personally been apart of Rust from the very beginning. At that time we had zombies that we had to be afraid of, but they later took those out and replaced them with scientists (the modded servers tend to be the ones that have both the zombies and scientists together). Back when Rust was first released, I think they were trying to make a DayZ clone (zombie survival game), but later scrapped that idea and made it the game it is today. Was that a good choice? Well I will tell you shortly.

Early access of this game was just like any other game, buggy and almost unplayable to some. They got right on it and fixed what they could right away and it did become a great game for some, while others refunded it and never looked back again. The reason for the refunds? The community.

The Rust community was and still pretty much is a huge toxic barrel of, well uhm to keep it clean, Jerks! Yes, Rust is a survival game, but that doesn't mean you needed to stand outside the persons door and kill them every time they spawned back in. Survival games are supposed to be challenging, but not by griefers who just want to make the game unfun for all the people in their way. I should clarify as well, the Rust community is less toxic as it has been, but some servers are just full of these kind of players and that will never change. Some servers had some pretty horrible stuff written on signs around peoples bases, hardcore nudity and a lot of certain symbols from a WW2 enemy.

The community is and was the biggest reason for most players to quit in the early days. I never gave up on this game and just chose to go to EU servers and AU servers instead because they tended to actually help players out and not KOS (Kill on Sight). The community got a rush of pervs as well after they added a female model into the game. That went over horrible in most servers because they would kill a woman model just to strip it and see it naked and most of the time they would "tea-bag" the character to get some kind of pervy satisfaction out of it (at least in my experience with getting the randomly generated model). I should state that you do not get to pick the appearance of your playable character, you get that randomly generated to you when you first enter the server.

So why has Rust become the best selling game on Steam for that week all of sudden? You can thank the OfflineTV streamers and video content creators for that. Rust has always had a cult following and a good concurrent amount of players, but after OTV made their first server and started streaming it, everyone and their momma decided to buy the game and try it out. Now not saying that it was a bad thing, but it was a bad thing. Yes Facepunch studios is getting a lot of money now from all of this, but also its bringing some very toxic people back into the community and going to make some servers not fun for a lot of people. You can totally opt into playing a PvE server if you don't want to deal with the toxic people just KOS for no reason at all.

If you feel the need to buy Rust and play, be warned you are going to die and die again, and when you think you finally got a a foot up in the world, you will be brought down by offline raiders who are too afraid to raid you when you are online. You can always find a modded server that has offline raid protection mod, no KOS, etc. etc, but and I mean a very big but, that there are admins out there that really abuse their power and let one clan run the whole freaking server. If you find those kind of servers, just leave it and don't come back. They don't deserve the players if they can't keep it fair for all. If you rage quit and get mad over games, this also is not a game for you, because if you don't get killed by another player, an animal will do it or the chopper that flies around the map at certain times during the day will get you and you will lose everything if you don't or can't make it back to your body in time. And if you also think that when you log out you are safe, oh no no no you are gravely mistaken again my friend. Your body doesn't disappear when you log out, you just go to sleep right where you logged out and other players and animals can kill you and loot you if you are not secured. So if you have some patience to grind out some stone and make a decently defensible base than you may just survive for a couple days, just to get shot down by some sniper in the airfield tower who doesn't even come over to loot you, and just likes to kill people and kill them again when they come back for their body.

Rust is really a great game, but the toxic people that play it are the runs that ruin most servers. I tend to be more on the PvE/RP servers or the Battle Royale servers for the most part now, because I very much dislike grinding and getting my base all set up just to have some turds offline raid you and steal everything or when you are a naked and mining and cutting trees a fully decked out guy comes near the spawn and cuts down every player that joins. Those are the folks that need to leave the community and never come back because they are ruining a good time for gamers alike.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece on one of my most played games in my library. Have a great day.

Aaron Blackburn
Aaron Blackburn
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Aaron Blackburn
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