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Run-Out Wonders: 5 Bizarre Moments in Men's Cricket of 2023

Unraveling the Most Unconventional and Mind-Boggling Run-Outs in the Cricketing World of 2023

By Fast Live LinePublished 8 months ago 4 min read

Cricket enthusiasts were treated to one of the strangest run-outs ever witnessed in the sport's history. It occurred during a Major League Cricket match held in Dallas between the San Francisco Unicorns and the Seattle Orcas. Finn Allen, the opening batsman for the Unicorns, displayed an impressive performance by scoring 28 runs off just nine balls. However, things took a peculiar turn when he attempted to flick a delivery from Cameron Gannon towards the leg-side.

As Allen and his partner Matthew Wade embarked on a casual jog to secure a single run, Shehan Jayasuriya, a fielder from the Seattle team, noticed Allen's relaxed running style. With quick reflexes, Jayasuriya aimed a precise throw directly at the non-striker's end. Unfortunately for Allen, as he lunged to complete the single, his bat got wedged and became stuck. Consequently, he lost his grip on the bat and was run out.

While this particular run-out will surely be remembered as one of cricket's most bizarre incidents, it is worth noting that it wasn't the only peculiar run-out witnessed by fans this year. Here, we present a compilation of five other unusual run-outs that occurred during men's cricket matches in 2023.

#1. Michael Bracewell experienced one of the most peculiar run-outs in Test matches.

Earlier this year, England traveled to New Zealand for a two-match Test series. In the second Test, during New Zealand's second innings, Tom Blundell's impressive batting performance helped the home team make a comeback after being forced to follow-on.

In the 159th over of the second innings, Blundell hit a ball from Jack Leach towards the mid-wicket area. Ben Stokes chased after the ball and threw it to wicket-keeper Ben Foakes, who removed the bails from the stumps as Michael Bracewell and Blundell tried to complete three runs.

Initially, it seemed like Bracewell was safe, but upon reviewing the slow-motion replays, it became evident that he hadn't managed to land his bat or ground his right foot inside the crease before crossing it. As a result, he was given out by the umpire.

#2. Max Bryant's accurate throw triumphs over Stephen Eskinazi's lack of effort.

During the 2023 Big Bash League final between Perth Scorchers and Brisbane Heat, Stephen Eskinazi and Cameron Bancroft opened the batting for Perth. The pair provided a solid start for their team as they chased a target of 176 runs.

However, in the fifth over of the innings, Eskinazi found himself in a peculiar run-out situation. While attempting to flick a delivery from James Bazley towards the leg-side, the ball unintentionally struck Eskinazi's body and rolled towards the backward point area.

Max Bryant, a fielder for Brisbane Heat, swiftly retrieved the ball and swiftly threw it towards the non-striker's end. Eskinazi's lack of urgency proved costly as he casually grounded his bat a few centimeters ahead of the crease while jogging towards the non-striker's end, resulting in him losing his wicket.

#3. Deepak Hooda and Marcus Stoinis collide, leading to Stoinis being run out.

In the Qualifier 2 match of IPL 2023 in Chennai, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) faced Mumbai Indians. During the 12th over of the second innings, LSG found themselves at 88/5 with Marcus Stoinis and Deepak Hooda batting together.

Stoinis was performing well, having scored 39 runs off 26 balls. He elegantly flicked a delivery from Cameron Green towards the leg-side. Hooda and Green attempted to take a quick second run, but unfortunately, both LSG players collided with each other, resulting in one of the most unusual run-outs witnessed in IPL 2023.

Stoinis lost his momentum entirely and fell short of reaching the striker's end. Shortly after, Hooda found himself entangled in yet another extraordinary run-out situation.

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#4. Deepak Hooda experiences a bizarre run-out situation.

During the later part of the match, something strange happened when Deepak Hooda got run out. After losing their eighth wicket, Naveen-ul-Haq joined Hooda on the field. Naveen, who is known for his bowling skills, received a ball from Akash Madhwal and hit it towards the point area.

Initially, Naveen called for a run but then changed his mind. Unfortunately, Hooda had already started running towards the striker's end. Surprisingly, Naveen-ul-Haq outpaced him and reached the crease before Hooda, without sacrificing his own wicket. Hooda, who was the last hope for LSG in the match, had to make his way back to the dressing room, experiencing one of the most peculiar run-outs.

#5. Andrew Balbirnie surprises Muhammad Waseem with an unexpected run-out, creating one of the most unusual moments in the game.

In the group stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2023, Ireland, led by Andrew Balbirnie, faced off against UAE, led by Muhammad Waseem. In the second innings, Balbirnie cleverly outwitted his UAE counterpart by executing a direct hit at the striker's end while Waseem strayed outside the crease.

During the match, a length ball bowled by Mark Adair struck Waseem's arm, causing him temporary discomfort. Reacting to this, Waseem instinctively moved away from the center of the pitch. However, taking advantage of his position outside the crease, Balbirnie seized the opportunity and successfully ran Waseem out.

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