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Rich Campbell: The Legend of Eorzea Part 1

by Alex Johnson 2 months ago in combat

A tale of Rich Campbell becoming a legend in Final Fantasy XIV

The first boss of the Unending Coil of Bahamut, Twintania.

The title of 'Legend' stands highly regarded in the world of Eorzea, one by which most adventurers seek to obtain. But to achieve this, one must contend with one of the three Ultimate raids in Final Fantasy XIV, which exemplify the hardest content the game has to offer. These include the Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCOB), The Weapon's Refrain (UWU) and The Epic of Alexander (TEA). This story tells the tale of Rich Campbell's journey to becoming a legend, cementing his place in the annals of Eorzean history.


Ever since beginning his journey in Eorzea, becoming a Warrior of Light was not enough for Rich. He wanted his small, Lalafellin frame to stand tall amongst his peers and the only solution was to achieve the title of 'Legend'. But he could not do this alone, he needed seven of his trusted allies to guide him, all of whom were legends in their own right.

Rich chose the role of Machinist, the gun-wielder, the mech-bringer, damage dealer from afar. Minerva and Rin, were warrior and gunbreaker respectively, chosen to valiantly protect Rich on his journey. Steph and Momo, scholar and astrologian, healers and shielders in kind. Delaney, Happy and Sfia brought the remaining firepower as ninja, black mage and red mage, which were required to defeat the enemies in Rich's path.

Rich decided on challenging UCOB first, a four boss gauntlet which tasked its competitors with facing Twintania, the winged beast; Nael Deus Darnus, the draconic, corrupted form of a previous villain; Bahamut Prime, an incarnation of the dragon supreme; and finally, Golden Bahumut, the dragon's enraged form. Becominig a legend was never going to be easy, but Rich held confidence in himself and his allies that they would succeed.

Part 1: Twintania

As they entered the arena, Rich noticed that he was familiar with his surroundings, stood upon the corporeal Bahamut's hand. They were spotted instantly by Bahamut Prime and Nael, who were floating some distance above them. Their eyes gazed menacingly at their opponents, ready for them if they could best Twintania, who swooped in to take its place in the palm. The group took a deep breath, all but one had completed this challenge before, their memories rich with knowledge of the coming events, sure that they would not fall today. Food, check; buffs, check; the fight began.

Rin gathered Twintania's attention to the north of the palm whilst others worked to defeat it. Twisters, the first step, failure to move out of your own twister or walk into another spelt certain doom, but they passed without injury. Twintania then belched a fireball in its opponents, the group stacked up to mitigate damage whilst Momo's stellar explosion healed them. A death sentence came next which required Minerva to take Rin's place as the main point of Twintania' aggression, to avoid the prospect of Rin's death.

A quarter of its health down. the beast dropped a neurolink (an area where damage is reduced from certain attacks) and Minerva moved Twintania to the south-west of the arena. Rich moved to the east where five 'Liquid Hell' fireballs were shot at him in succession, each leaving a circular fire puddle in its wake. He moved counter-clockwise after each hit so not to take extra damage from the resulting puddles. This job was easy for Rich as he could continue to damage Twintania from afar. Meanwhile, the beast hatched spherical purple-black balls which raced towards Delaney. As a legend himself, he knew to take the ball to the neurolink which reduced his damage taken by it; making sure not to take another hit from a hatched ball in short notice as it would kill him instantly.

Another set of five Liquid Hells would rain down on Rich, moving counter-clockwise again. At the same moment, Delaney was targeted again for the hatched ball, but waited for the notice period to expire before being hit whilst on the neurolink. Another death sentence would follow, with Rin taking back control of the reins. The group fought on with endeavor as Twintania fell to half to its health, the speed and vigor customary of a band consisting seven legends. A second neurolink would mark the fallen Bahamut's palm, with Rin moving the beast to the southeast position.

Twintania became agitated and ferocious, panicking as less than half of its life remained. In succession and repetition it used abilities the group had seen during the fight, Liquid Hell, accomplished by Rich moving in the same direction as before; followed by two hatches targeting Delaney and Sfia, again completed without fault. Another Liquid Hell but this time upon Steph, moving clockwise around Twintania, as the party stacked up for another fireball.

They were finding this challenge to be quite easy with a quarter of the beast's health remaining. Twintania had no new moves to beat them with as it cast another death sentence on Rin; Minerva took over yet again as Delaney and Sfia were hatch-targeted but this was combined with an impromptu twister. Twintania's last attempt to catch the party off-guard...had failed. The group completed the last set of mechanics with ease: another double hatch, followed by Liquid Hell and a fireball. But as the beast's health reached near zero, it flew up into they sky, disappearing from sight. The seven legends knew what was to come, they grabbed Rich by the hand and gathered in the arena's center to await their next foe...


Alex Johnson

Writing whatever comes to mind.

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