Quest Room: Bloody Elbow

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Quest Room: Bloody Elbow

What’s up, everyone? It's Dannis here and we are following the numbers down to the dungeon of Quest Room’s Bloody Elbow. This is a room that has been high on my list. I played the Davinci room before this and what I learned about the company was that their production is high and puzzles are great. So I was excited about Bloody Elbow. Without reading the storyline I couldn't help but laugh at the name? What the heck does bloody elbow even mean? Well, I got my answer. But before we get into what I thought about the room, let’s get some details about Quest Room and Bloody Elbow.


Quest Room offers two different rooms with a third at a separate location down the road. This place is a little bit more on the expensive side at $99 for two people but the more players you add the cheaper it becomes per person. Trust me when I tell you it's worth it. They do not mix you with strangers, so you don’t have to make any friends; you book this game out for you and your team. And with a difficulty rating of , I just hope they’re worth dying for because you are all about to be killed in the worst way by Bloody Elbow. I can’t take that seriously. I mean come on, an executioner named “Bloody Elbow”? But don’t let the name fool you, his dungeon is not a place you want to be.


It is the 14th century, and everyone is ruled by Holy Inquisition. You have been accused of witchcraft and incarcerated to await your awful death at the hands of an executioner nicknamed “Bloody Elbow.” He is famous for his love of disgusting tortures and violence, leading to a slow and agonizing death… You have only one hour to try your fate and escape the dreadful dungeon in the guarded castle!


They really nailed the production on this room. Bloody Elbow’s dungeon leaves you with a feeling of "I don’t want to be here when he gets back." Now usually I’m not a fan of having screens play on a loop of something to give the effect that something is happening, you know like the green screens on TV? Except not a green screen? Do you get me? Either way, not really much of a fan but, if it makes sense with the theme AND with what’s happening, then I will accept it. If I am able to look at it and not be bothered then it's fine for me at least. Sorry, got off track, anyway, it had the right amount of balance with all things, darkness, blood, torture rigs, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of one single thing, everything in the room seemed as though it belonged. I think my favorite piece overall was our helper. We had to ask ourselves what the age limit was again, but we had a good laugh. So since they executed such amazing production I’m giving them 5 guillotines out of 5.


I love games that test the communication of the team, especially the beginning. Since it was a great production, things were a little bit... unsettling to get near. Not so much that you don't want to go near it, but rather, dang I have to go near it to solve something. With a few locks, this room had the advantage of using the items you find to be used in a certain way. It was definitely a more hands-on and physical room. I thought that style of game was very appropriate for the theme. I just can't help but feel kind of bad for the supervisors. There a few puzzles in there that I know can be annoying to setup because they were really cool. I say that because when I played, a friend of mine said such things. But I’m sure it is easy to do. The game left me saying "Ooh, that’s cool" every time we solved a puzzle, so for that, they get 5/5 bones.


The game was actually one of my favorites here in Los Angeles and will be a room I will always recommend. Just remember this is my experience with the game and what I thought about it. What did you think ?

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