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QMS - Quetzal Management System

Odys vs Lucifinians

By Lawrence FinlaysonPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
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Ody's vs Lucifinians – QMS – Quetzal Management System


If it were not for recurrent reminders of the “Imaginary Friend”, or for the second mascot, “The Feast”, memories of the Far North II might have been long forgotten. The fast-paced walk down the hall after he thought he heard someone outside saying:


“I am right outside the window.”


Thinking it was a coworker, then dismissing the thought. The frequency was then in the cabinet, dismissing the not-a-sound-audio, the sound under the bed sent his adrenaline rushing as he dressed and hurried down the hall. He took notes on his smartphone when his boss sat down at the next table:


“What, was there a fire? I thought I heard someone running down the hall.”


Asterick merely laughed shortly at the concern... or annoyance.


Over the following time, “Down to Fifty” was perceived concerning a missing coworker from a time when he was still a youth, or so it was implied, and it seemed not too wise to continue asking questions.

He eyed suspiciously several times the old storage closet where the fevered man had been kept in his delirium.


Being, at the time, on year two of the “Scapegoat Contract Review”, there was no reason to think that the situation involving the missing man might reoccur.




A year later, after an eight-month time away from work, after several of the website projects had come and gone into permanent places after the Halloween; he had a dream of a young girl walking down the hall:


“Where's my dad?”


A man sat at the end of the bed he was assigned to that week, next to the stairs on the main floor, just off the kitchen's laundry room. As Asterick woke, the man became a shadow at the end of the bed – a tonemeyotl or shadow person. Though as Asterick's eyes opened, the figure was gone.


There were other perceptions there that could not be explained. At times he was falling asleep or waking up when he could hear the machines or even the ore being moved, the murmur of miners in the depths of the tunnels, other times it was like they were in the same space. Most times, both sides were imperceivable, and thankfully so. Asterick could not see people, it was just as a radio, which is why it came to be called “Frequency”.


When the First Mascot came to be the likeness of the Itty-Bitty: “Wicket Warwick”, it was an intention and expectation of the QuetzalCorp company that Asterick did not have to worry about, after a while it became to be known as 4th-dimensional empowerment of the 3-dimensional people. In a very short time, Asterick came to know the process of the 4th-dimensional empowerment as greatly envied.


A few times came, when Wicket had descended into the tunnel, the zoom out away from the shadow of where Wicket was, came a guttural sound, the “Yip-Ka” having now manifested in a quiet rumbling, as a negative entity, trying to make a break to the surface.


It was a dream, of course, Asterick slept opposite of his shift and when he perceived the woman screaming in the tunnels below, she made a break to the elevator, which looked more like a crane-operated orange platform with a yellow cage enclosure. The light blinked on the side as the platform rose up the mine shaft as she collapsed down still screaming, but all empowerment had left her in exhaustion by the time she got to the exit level. She relayed what she had seen as best she could, it was larger than a human, it had some type of wings and it seemed to be trying to communicate with her... It was determined that she had ran into a gas or compound that provoked hallucinations – a touch of the “Miner's Fever”.


The second time the dream perception, “Wicket” had seemed to manifest a pale human form. This time he utilized the platform himself. Asterick had awoken and it seemed there was less stress in the atmosphere than the day before.


A batch of new hires, as well as himself, being bumped from the kitchen schedule into the Industrial Janitorial. Everything seemed normal. Though, when the mention of a Barristers Document Grouping had its designate indicating that it was time, the echo through the air ventilation system was of a person in the city far away: “There is trespassing of...”




Asterick had noticed a change right away... every doorway he crossed seemed to have a computer intonation, though he could not make out the perception. People seemed to be more agitated, it was as if a gradual increase and influx of stress and pressure was occurring, like a static noise pouring over areas.


The “QMS Down to Fifty” seemed to be manifesting in ways that certain people had started being scapegoated, as Asterick tried to research something that was not there, intangible, but in effect and was affecting people.


It was a night shift that he was slotted into, so when he awoke during the days, he was still half asleep, so when he perceived a female talking with a male, just around corner, it was a coworker... wasn't it? He finished a cigarette and took a moment to see the speakerphone on a smartphone and the male being asked when he was “going to leave the bush for Edmonton.”


Though there was no one there, and he checked this outbuilding corner, then the next... no one was there. Another daytime sleep later, and he could remember the same female running through a fire-alarm exit door, the one by the stairs leading to the second floor, and that she was crying.


As it was approaching the suppertime hour before the night shift began, he was too distracted by timing to pay attention to the person across making “prank noises”. He dressed, though an oddest of perceptions came to his eyes when the privacy curtain across from him was down a foot from the ceiling and the shower curtain, closed was vibrating and shaking with the oddest of noises behind... the voice seemed to be vibrating as well now. He left the washroom area and proceeded to ready for supper as he commented to himself, the privacy curtain was only one inch from the top and was screwed in.





Asterick did not last for more than a few months as the stress and pressure transference increased, and as he filled out his blue card comment space with the “Six Phases of Stress and Pressure Transference”.

Ignoring as he went along, the stressing people going to and fro, the voice echoing from the hillside close to the trailer complex close to the administration building.


It had been 5 years since the “Scapegoat Contract Review”, at least one or two years since the “Static Satellite Theory”, the UHF Theory, yet, the Barristers document had yet a year to even be considered as the “Barristers Document Commission”.


When it came to be back in the University in the South, where TURA had hypothetically had been intended for in the middle of a circular sidewalk, a set of science came from the last years:


UHF Compression by Boast of Trespassing for Persecution or Prosecution x DAF (or Static, Shadow and Whitenoise in the Form of a Court Transcription based on “The Alan Turing Theory”) x ELF an Extremely Low-Frequency Wavelength.


By the time Perceive-Ability had culminated and the urgency of the situation and the necessity of acknowledgment of history and Powers and Principalities or “Godliness”, midterm week had come and there was no doubt in QuetzalCorp calculation,

This Barristers Document had hit at two of his own University's he attended, one at a Northern Academic workplace he had a summer position at, and at his previous parent company and his own kitchen/ janitorial company.


The designate had started creeping closer and closer, the next time the perception came it was his cousin's son's (step-son's) use, the next it was his cousin as barristers document designated, a possible court transcriber... and he may now be working with the DAF – transcriptions “Boasting Trespassing”, a hopeful millionaire of the “Seven Year Scapegoat Contract Review”




Many may ask, why wait till after the fact, as the Science from an Arts Perspective, or why they cannot Boast such a Review Achievement that has more questions than answers, “The No Fear Act” of the United States is a nice culmination, “Painful Stress and Pressure Transference” for the “Backtalk” of the various future hopefuls... and the reason is one I perceived on Frequency:


“You'll be lucky if you make it through Phase 5 Stress and Pressure Transference: Externalized Policy Exploit. I hope you make it.”


The Post-Modern God's Breath Approach of QuetzalCorp of Transference as it pertains to “toiling” and other.


**The Giant Gold Mine de-unionization was pivotal in the understanding of a union bypass of inter-solicitation with the Barristers Document with Boast of Trespassing, while a "Tragedy of the Commons" opposite "John Nash Jr.", "Inflation and Deflation".

The End


About the Creator

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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