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'PUBG' Survival Guide

by Carlos Guerra 3 years ago in walkthrough

A guideline to assist in your quest for the chicken dinner

Only the best can win... so let's make you the best.

So you think you have what it takes to win a game of Player Unknown huh? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don't. Either way, this guide will probably come in useful for anyone aiming for the W.

Let's make something clear right out of the gate, this isn't Fortnite and it isn't Apex Legends. Your experience with other battle royales isn't going to be of much use here. What I mean is knowing how to build a stairway to heaven won't help you. There aren't any team respawn points to be found either. PUBG is the most realistic battle royale experience out right now, which is exactly why it is so phenomenal, yet insanely hard to win.

I'm gonna be honest with you, if you're looking for some kind of easy way to win, this isn't the article for you. I could give you all of the tips and tricks in the world but if you lack the tenacity to capitalize on the endgame than you will never see the chicken dinner. It personally took me 30 hours of gameplay over the span of 50 matches before I got my first solo win. I must admit the feeling of accomplishment you get upon seeing that yellow lettering run across your screen is almost indescribable. If you take the pointers of this guide into strong consideration the next time you dive into Vikendi, then you too could prove you're the best of the best and bring home the victory.

Get on the ground.

Who remembers Gears of War? If you do then you probably remember the Gears fundamental rule. Cover or die. PUBG has a similar rule that is crucially fundamental, stay low. As I said before, this game is as realistic as they come. Which means sometimes the best way to hide is just by getting low, ghillies in the mist style. You will be surprised how effective this can be when evading enemies. Don't lay down just anywhere, though, look for a nice large patch of grass to set up shop, preferably in the shade. The darkness provides an extra advantage to concealing your position from opponents. Dropping down to the ground quickly can also aid you with avoiding enemies in vehicles. We all know how scary it can be when you hear an engine running in the middle of a field and you're on foot. If you manage to get down quick enough, chances are they will just roll on passed you.

Weapon Preference

There's a wide variety of firepower scattered throughout the enormous multiplayer maps of PUBG. If you were to ask ten different people for their ultimate weapons set up, I'm sure you would receive ten different answers. Before I cover which combination of killing tools I have personally used to claim a win over the opposition, I want to cover the essential factors every player should keep in mind when choosing their long-term weaponry. Players are able to choose two primary weapons. You're going to want something for distance and something for close quarters. Player Unknown is all about seeing your enemy before they see you... In order to do that you're going to need an AR or DMR with the accommodating scopes to go along. For short range, I would recommend either the UMP9 or an automatic shotgun, whatever you prefer. Given that this is a game of scavenging, you're not going to get your ideal set up every time, so you're going to want to make the best with what you have and as long as you have something with some reach along with something else for up-close and personal you should be alright.

Attachments can also make or break your game in PUBG. You are going to want to try and find at least three attachments for your weapons. As previously mentioned, scopes are essential. Grips for stability and flash hiders can make all the difference between winning a match and coming in second.

Unless it is the beginning of the game and your in dire need of something to defend yourself, melee weapons and side arms are rarely ever useful. The only exception being the frying pan. That overpowered melee weapon can literally smack bullets away or block your ass from being shot from behind.

Play The Circle

A major part of PUBG that most people do not take into consideration is the importance of establishing a good position within the circle. Like every battle royale, there is a "storm" that forces players to constantly move into a smaller portion of the map. If you find yourself far from the circle at the beginning of your match, I would recommend finding a ride and getting to it as soon as possible. Find the basic essentials if you can and then hightail it to where you need to be. The reason for this is because elite players will set up good positions in the circle in order to pick off any enemies trying to outrun the storm. The circle constantly changes throughout the match, so try to stay in the middle of it, preferably on higher ground. That way you are in a good position for any changes the circle might undergo. This is very important towards the endgame. While you set up your position waiting for targets, other players are trying to reposition themselves and may end up right in your crosshairs. Every match that I have won playing solo, I won because I was using the circle to my advantage. Keeping my back to the storm and constantly repositioning myself every time it got smaller. No victory is guaranteed but successfully using the circle to your advantage will most certainly give you an edge over your opponents.

Other Tips and Tricks

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action whilst expecting a different result. Player Unknown is no exception! If you're gunning for the win but you continuously come up short, then you are going to want to change things up a bit. I have already gone over all of the major guidelines for claiming your first W. Although, here are some smaller pointers players may want to keep in mind as well.

Avoid large towns close to the planes' flight path. Like Tilted towers in Fortnite, large towns in PUBG are prone to having swarms of players land down on them. It would be far more productive, especially for newer players, to land out in the more rural areas of the map. Medium-sized compounds will often contain fewer players yet the same quality of weapons. Plus, you will not have to worry about making a mad dash towards the closest weapon because of all the tangos that landed near you. Also, doing this will usually grant you more gear and better loot due to the fact that you won't have to worry about other players taking it all.

Armor up! I used to hate the way the level one helmet looked on my avatar. Therefore, I thought it wouldn't make a difference if I skipped equipping one until I found a level two. All it took was one shot to the head to change my mind because it only took one shot to lose the match... The quality of your armor determines the amount of damage you can take before you die. Which means that the right armor can literally make the difference between dying or surviving through a firefight. If I had a penny for every time I was nearly dead but still standing over an enemy's corpse 'cause I had better armor... Let's just say I'd be able to take that vacation to Greece I've always wanted to go on. You also want to find ammo and grenades, but don't go overboard. 150 rounds for each weapon should be more than enough to get you through the match. You'll want to save any storage space you have left for throwable items, like grenades and flashbangs.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

At the start of any given solo match, there are 100 players—you and 99 people trying to kill you. That means that only the best of the best will come out on top. Nobody wins a match of PUBG by playing an average lackluster game. NO, in fact winning, especially winning consistently, is going to take bold moves and quick thinking. Assume the other guy is faster than you and prepare for that. Don't be afraid to press someone's position. Never put yourself in a position that you can't escape in a hurry if need be. Learn the definition of flanking the enemy. All of it is relevant, all of it can make the difference between first place and second. If you aim for the head and follow the rest of these rules, maybe you can bring the chicken dinner home to your family someday, too.


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