'PUBG' Mobile Gameplay Review: My First Experience and How It Went Downhill

by Vincent Tyminski 2 years ago in mobile

Lets check out my experience on 'PUBG' mobile.

'PUBG' Mobile Gameplay Review: My First Experience and How It Went Downhill
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The competition between PUBG and Fortnite is getting tense. To be honest, I haven't tried Fortnite yet, but I have seen videos of it. It seems that everywhere I go I hear someone talking about some epic battle they had last night on Fornite. I have played PUBG though, but only the mobile edition. There are things that I loved and disliked about the game.

Okay, maybe it's not the game itself that I disliked, but the mobile edition itself. I absolutely love to play FPS (First Person Shooting) games, but the controls are what killed it for me. I don't like to play FPS games on a mobile device due to the controls because it's harder to do what you want. My first time playing PUBG on the phone went better than I had expected. I had three teammates that were with me.

Once I jumped out of the plane I realized how far away they were from me. I landed in some sort of village with run-down houses. It reminded me of a scene from the movie Black Hawk Down. It was probably due to the poor conditions that the buildings shared. Anyway, I had prior knowledge of how the game was supposed to be played and where to find items.

So I ventured inside one of those rundown houses. It took me about 30 seconds to finally get inside the door. Why? Well I blame myself mostly. It had nothing to do with the game, but I tried to go up the steps to the front door and I kept getting stuck on the railing.

So maybe that does make it the games fault but I will put the blame on myself to save me from an argument. So I finally get inside the house and find some supplies like clothing and medications. As well as a shotgun. I was searching the house for more supplies when I heard the gunshots. Someone was having a battle outside the house I was inside of.

I could feel my heartbeat start to pump faster as if I were really inside of the game. Sweat beads started to form on my brow and I noticed my hands were starting to sweat. There was no way I was going to let this guy kill me at the beginning of the game. I was in one of the house's bedrooms when the gunshots stopped. I closed the door of the bedroom behind me and crouched in the corner of the room.

I heard the front door of the house open and then footsteps started to get louder as the player proceeded to the room I was in. Oh crap! I thought to myself as the door started to open. Shotgun at the ready, I opened fire once I saw the person. I played like my life depended on it.

Long story short, the guy died and I earned my first kill of the game. He obviously wasn't expecting anyone to be in the room or I probably would have died. I took his items and headed outside. I was feeling good about myself with that kill. There were still 97 other players fighting for survival and I still had all of my teammates alive.

They have a feature that allows you to use your microphone to communicate with others in the game, but unfortunately, nobody took advantage of this. I spotted and killed another player, but this one was AFK (Away From Keyboard) so I guess I got lucky. The kills I was getting were coming from pure luck and I knew it was only a matter of time before my luck ran out. About ten minutes later, I found a bike. I was glad for the fast transportation, but then, as I was driving around the map, I noticed a blue barrier coming towards me about twenty yards away.

I knew I had to get away from that thing so I headed for the middle of the map. Thinking back on it, I should have been looking around at my surroundings. Just as I put a good distance between me and that barrier I noticed a group of people gathered on a nearby hill. I got off the bike and crouched in the grass. I took out the sniper rifle that I took from a dead corpse back at the beginning of the game and watched their movements.

I wasn't going to kill them because I wasn't about to let four guys take me out without breaking a sweat. I looked through the scope of the sniper rifle and watched as they began to make their way down the hill. Great, looks like I'm going to have to take them out. I got ready to take out the guy that was leading the pack.



Two bullets took out the leader, but I hadn't clicked the shoot button yet. Someone else was taking them out for me. The now pack of three people went crazy trying to find cover, but there was none around them. One by one, they were being knocked down by this vigilante. Before I knew it, all the guys died and I spotted the guy who did it.

He was looking straight at me. I tried shooting him but it wasn't letting me. Great now we have a hacker in the game that can't be killed, I thought. I braced for death as the guy got closer. I never died.

At least not by him. It turns out he was a teammate of mine that I hadn't realized until I looked at the map. I followed him to a vehicle he had and I took the passenger seat as he drove to a care package that had dropped. We got there safely without seeing anyone else. As we got out and started to take the items inside the care package, we started to get shot at. I freaked out and tried to get my gun out and get someone.

Before I knew it, I was knocked down, and so was my teammate. As we lay there bleeding out, I looked over at him. He was trying to find cover but didn't make it. I wish I could say that I heroically took medications and got back up and finished off the guys that killed him, but it didn't end like that. I died as well by another shot from the other squad.

The experience was definitely one I won't forget. After I died, I watched the match go on. I spectated the guys that had killed me. They took our items and then went a couple of yards off away from the care package and laid down in the grass. Another guy came by a few minutes later and went to see what was inside the care package.

Before he knew it, he was dead. It taught me a lesson about checking your surroundings before proceeding towards something. If we had only stopped and looked around before trying to scavenge the care package, we would have seen them before they saw us. That wasn't the last match I played, I can promise you that. I just can't wait to try the game on my PS4 and hopefully make it as the last person standing.

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Oh, and did I mention this game is free to download?

Vincent Tyminski
Vincent Tyminski
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