'PUBG': Fighting for Survival (Short Story​ 1)

by Vincent Tyminski 2 years ago in combat

An Exclusive Short Story of Surviving the Bloodthirsty Battleground of 'PUBG.'

'PUBG': Fighting for Survival (Short Story​ 1)
(PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

After the success of my PUBG mobile gameplay review, I decided that I should write more articles on my experiences. I plan on making a series of short stories like the one you are about to read so I can inform and engage you in the action that I am undergoing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

The sound of the plane's rotors cut into my head as I was trying to plan out a strategy for this match. 91 players alive and all of them aiming for the same goal: Kill or be killed. I waited half a minute before leaving the safety of the plane.


The sound of the wind rushed through my ears as I went freefalling to a grassy area surrounded by apartment buildings. I sped past those buildings with my parachute out and headed for the roof of what appeared to be a school. Unfortunately for me, two other opponents landed there before I did. They weren't very bright, though. Not sure what to do, they stood there looking around at their surroundings, taking in the scenery.

I just so happened to land on an assault rifle. I opened fire on the two people that were on the rooftop with me. They ran like crazy trying to get away from the bullets that were decreasing their health. One of them ran for a hatch that led down to the top floor of the building I was standing on. I decided to leave the other guy alone and headed down the hatch after my prey.

I jumped down but I wasn't in a hallway on the top floor of a building like I thought. I landed in an auditorium. I found the guy trying to run down the stairs. Pop! Pop! Pop!

With now 90 players remaining I took the first kill of the game. I walked around and searched the other rooms of the auditorium for more victims. I found someone else in a narrow room looking out of a window. One shot to the head ended the game for him. Two kills down and 89 more people to go. I looted the guy I had just executed and found a nice pair of boots and a helmet.

As I was making my way up a staircase I heard gunfire outside. I went back on the roof of the building. Two guys were battling it out. I decided to take cover a few yards away from them and waited until one of them got killed. The goal for me was to survive not to rack up kills.

As the guy looted the dead body I went and took him out. I was rewarded with another kill. I took his AKM and set out to find more items. Once again I went down the hatch into the building. It wasn't long before I found someone lurking in the hallway with their back to me.

Another easy target and I was up four kills and a lot of gear. I decided to leave the building in search of a new landscape. Going through a hole that was in a wall surrounding the building, I took cover behind a tree outside the vicinity. I proceeded to the apartments I had passed on my way to the school. My heart jumped once I entered one of the tall complexes.

Someone was just about to make their way outside as I was going inside. Once again I got a kill and I took his scope as a trophy of war. A couple of minutes later I had taken another life and was heading to a care package that had dropped nearby.

I scanned my surroundings before getting close to it. One person was making their way to the care package as well. I took aim and down he went. I sprinted towards the care package and took cover behind it as I plundered it. It was filled with medications that I took gratefully. That's when I heard the sound of a car approaching. The driver was at least 50 yards away and coming right towards me. I took out my weapon and set aim for the driver.


The bullet fired out of my gun and the shell hit the ground with a clunk. Another kill for me, but the car wasn't slowing down. I had just enough time to get out of the way before it rammed the care package. I decided to take the car and continue my journey to the middle of the battlefield. The maps border was coming close to me and I made sure I drove away from it.

About twenty minutes later I arrived at a river. There was no way my vehicle would be able to drive through it. I had to take the bridge but there were people on it going head to head with their guns firing away. I ditched the car and took refuge behind a tree. Crouching down and peering over the side of the tree I took out my gun and watched through my scope.

One guy went down and was out of the game. I took a shot at the other player's head and it took him out. I was so focused on the game that I hadn't even realized that I just won. Another win for me and I was ready to get back into a match. I glanced at the top left corner of my screen and took in the sight of yet another...

...Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Vincent Tyminski
Vincent Tyminski
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