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PSO2 New Genesis Provides Players With An Open World

by Claus Oliver 2 months ago in product review

PSO2 New Genesis provides players with an open world, where players can get brand new equipment, weapons, and character creation systems.

PSO2 New Genesis is a brand new game that provides players with new equipment, weapons, and PSO2 Meseta. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an open world, where there are many new content, we can have more fun in this game.

Why Do Players Like PSO2 New Genesis?

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is based on the original PSO2 from 2012. The creators have given the game a completely new game engine, content, and story that takes place 1,000 years after the first part.

In addition, New Genesis now offers you an open game world, while PSO 2 focuses on small areas to explore. Not surprisingly, the Japanese developer SEGA implemented the game world in a comic anime style.

In character creation, you have the choice between 4 races and 6 classes. The extensive editor lets you customize your character down to the smallest detail.

  • New Genesis features a fluid action combat system with quick clashes.
  • You can even fly and glide to explore the big game world in detail
  • You can jump back and forth between the original PSO2 and New Genesis. So you can even use the old story from the “first part”.

What Content Does PSO2 New Genesis Open-World Provide?

In PSO2 New Genesis, players are provided with many new content:

  • Planet activities start consistently, which you carry out together with various other comrades-in-arms
  • You can finish quests outdoors Field
  • So-called cocoons lead you as well as your team in instances
  • Central City is a huge metropolitan area that works as a hub. You will certainly locate 100 gamers per hosting server listed below.
  • In Central City, you can coordinate with other gamers, approve quests, trade, or trade.
  • To reduce the strolling distances, you may use teleporters or go for a swim to get to exclusive areas outdoors industry.

What Classes Are There In PSO2 New Genesis?

New Genesis offers you 4 races, all of which have access to 6 different classes:

  • Hunter - The Hunter class provides an engaging suggestion of playability, movement, and also damage, and makes it complicated for you to find a far better class later on.
  • Fighter - A close-range fighter with an incredibly little bit of wellness and also additional damages
  • Ranger - A ranged fighter at medium selection who can likewise sustain other gamers
  • Gunner - A character armed with handguns who possesses a bunch of activity capabilities, yet that combats at channel array
  • Force - A kind of Elementalist
  • Techer - A long-range ranged fighter that can easily help allies with gadgets

The subclasses in New Genesis are a special highlight. You can easily change your subclasses according to your needs. For example, you can go into hand-to-hand combat with the fighter, but thanks to the force subclass you have chosen, you can alternately attack with magical attacks from a distance.

How Does The Leveling Work?

The developers give you a lot of freedom here, so you can either work off quests, go to dungeons with friends or celebrate successes with other players in the world events.

New Genesis makes no secret of the fact that it is a group-focused MMO, but you can also complete the content on your own. However, there is no permanent peer pressure.

Recently, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has launched some new activities, in these activities we can get some props for free. These props can help us decorate our characters and make them more beautiful.

For example, in the ZUTOMAYO × NGS cooperation event that started on August 24, we can get the items in the event for free by just saying "ZUTOMAYO" in the game.

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