Playstation 5 Too hot to play

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Playstation 5 Too hot to play

Recently we had Rumors of smoking series X's but this seems to be more concerning considering the smokes was just vape smoke from trolls.

The Above image was captured from a PS5 on display in an electronics store, so lets not panic yet it was in an enclosed space with limited airflow and is probably on constantly.

That being said we have no way of telling how much load is was under before it got to that point.

These variables mean we cant judge yet just be mindful of airflow by your machines they need to breath too.

This is one of the first things that we watch for when new consoles come out because large scale manufacturing on first iterations of a new device can always leave a couple bad apples in the bunch.

These new consoles are powerhouses that are jammed into small boxes for our living rooms, without the introduction of water cooling into the console space these machines need to be large to handle the amount of airflow for air cooling.

The PS5 and series X have been mocked for their size which is why these companies try to keep them small but still deliver on performance so sacrifices in heat efficiency must be made.

All this being said lets not jump to this being widespread yet. As I said always a few bad apples but we've all lived in fear since the red ring of death plague. This really just seems to be circumstance it was a display model in an enclosed space and there's no way to know how long it was on. We should not let this completely off the hook yet either, It's a red flag so I'm telling you now make sure your console is in open air.

The Playstation 5 has an odd shape and my suspicion is that the machine was gonna be huge for proper airflow so they decided to make it more of a bended oblong looking shape, whatever shape you want to call it. For the purpose of consumer friendliness, That decision may have have cost some of that precious airflow.

These new machines are both more than just the basic console form factor we're used to. Having things small and suited for the living room where most consoles live is in the best interest of these companies.

There are decisions and sacrifices that have to be made for budget and market reasons. This reason is why we watch these releases so carefully. We want to see if the engineers pulled off packing a punch worth upgrading right away or if sacrifices and poor engineering ( Xbox 360's X-Clamp) creates a console bricking issue. we pay a lot for these machines and no ones likes to waste money.

The last thing I will say about these new machines is I hope they have a good shelf life and developers can get a lot out of these machines for years to come and push some limits. More demanding titles are more taxing on hardware we want these machines to run smoothly out of the gate so 5 years down the line they can keep up with where the industry is at that point.

Hopefully those of you that managed to get your hands on a ps5 are enjoying your experience, What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? I have my hopes up for a few games but nothing that's an exclusive on the horizon for either new console. The next God of war is what's got me looking to the PS5 but that's a ways still.

The series X has had its own issues and unreliable reports CNET did an investigation into this that I also don't find reliable, more on that here.

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