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by UK ARCADES 7 months ago in pc

yes, you can now play time crisis 5 on pc arcade dump should have been released for real years ago.

yes yahoo ! you can now finally play Time crisis 5 on the pc. its been a long time coming but should of been pc ported years ago seeing as it was built with the unreal engine 4 it could have easily made its way to consoles and pc but no namco kept it all arcade only and very hard to come by as well I could only manage to find two-three arcade machines located around the uk so that's a bit of a joke. there was one in my local bowling alley Hollywood bowl kept it around when it was the tc5 base game ver 1.0 2015 so it only had 1-3 stages the other half would appear and then be upgraded pointless I know to a true mastermind edition stayed around till 2017 then replaced by kiddie ticket games - which then had the full game with ROBERT! being the evil bad guy dam man after all the adventures within time crisis Story, time crisis 2 especially Robert the player 2 blue guy is now the baddie and wants to turn new york all the world into a nerve gas zombie army like man Robert thats low you were a VSSE agent and you flipping blew it mate least Keith got revenge on you.

time crisis 5 on pc.

Time Crisis 5 is a rail shooter video game developed and published by Namco. It is the fifth instalment in the main Time Crisis series.

Two "editions" of Time Crisis 5 were released for arcades: the first was released on March 12, 2015, the second, the True Mastermind Edition, was released on August 20, 2015, with three additional stages. Unlike prior games, Time Crisis 5 is powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine. It is currently the only game in the franchise that has yet to receive a console port.

New features

Time Crisis 5 deploys a two-pedal system, similar to the Multi-Screen Battle sequences from Time Crisis: Project Titan and Time Crisis 4, allowing players to take cover and attack from different angles to bypass bulletproof shields and enemies taking cover. In the earlier games, players were restricted to one pedal in which time had to be wasted when taking on enemies with bulletproof shields.

Some sections have activities unique to this game. They are: "Evasion Activity" and "Crisis Event". In "Evasion Activity", players have to step on the correct pedal within the time limit and shoot items if they step on the correct pedal. In "Crisis Event", players have to shoot down markers within the time limit while not being able to use the pedal. Every regular hit on a marker is worth 500 points and every bullseye hit gives a 1,000 point bonus. Every 0.1 second saved is worth 50 points. In both activities, players have infinite ammunition for their handgun and failing either activity will result in one life unit lost or half a life unit lost if players have one life unit left.

Gun Controller Changes

The gun controller is redesigned. For starters, the weapon selection is changed to allow players to change weapons by just pressing the red button on the gun. This can be done even with the pedal pressed. The blowback system is also remade to simulate gas-actuated recoil, similar to the handguns the next-generation V.S.S.E. agents use.

Combo System Changes

The chase shot combo system has been adjusted as such that hitting enemies in the head prevents chase shots (or if the kill shot on an enemy soldier is not a head shot, prevents the second chase shot if the first chase shot is on the head), which staled gameplay since Time Crisis II. The purpose of the hit system is to ensure the nostalgia from the original Time Crisis is adhered to. Though the combo mechanics from Time Crisis 4 are retained, there are fewer foot soldiers to increase the continuous hit gauge. There were a lot of qualms about players shooting for very high scores due to accuracy streaks in Time Crisis 3 and for head shots to chase shots in Time Crisis 4. To compensate the decreased gauge increases, stepping on the opposite pedal stalls the decrease of combo bar. Finally, there are much fewer background objects to destroy (they contribute to combo hits which can be used to increase the amount of points earned by shots on foot soldiers) and destroying specific background objects do not give 5,000 point bonus.

Weapons Property Changes

While the special weapons introduced in the previous two games are retained (M4 Carbine machine gun, Kel-Tec KSG shotgun and HK XM320 grenade launcher), the maximum ammunition capacity for each special weapon is reduced from 300 machine gun rounds to 180, from 50 shotgun shells to 20, and from 5 grenades to 2. In addition, there are much fewer yellow-clad soldiers to gain ammunition for the special weapons with one in Stage 1 Area 3, three in Stage 3 Area 2 and one each in Stage 5 Area 2 and Stage 6, and the ammunition they give is specific with shotgun shells (5 shells per hit) in Stage 1 Area 3, machine gun rounds (20 rounds per hit) in Stage 3 Area 2, and all three weapons (20 machine gun rounds, 5 shotgun shells and 1 grenade respectively) in Stage 5 Area 2 and Stage 6. Like Time Crisis 3, the ammunition from yellow soldiers is not shared for both players in two-player mode. Finally, the machine gun rate of fire is decreased from 15 rounds per second to 10. To compensate these, the special weapons are refilled, if there is less than default amount after a stage is completed, up to default amount of 100 machine gun rounds, 10 shotgun shells, and 1 grenade. Damage output of each machine gun bullet compared to each handgun bullet is increased from 33.3% to 40%. Although the shotgun fires as fast as it did in Time Crisis 3, the number of shots per shotgun shell is decreased from 11 to 10 and each shot from the shotgun shell deals less damage to ensure that players are not abusing the supplemental weapons.


Each side attack is worth an additional 800 points bonus and increases by 50 for every consecutive side attack (800, 850, 900 etc.). Each one-shot kill against Drugged Soldiers is worth an additional 700 points and increases by 700 for every consecutive one-shot kill (700, 1,400, 2,100 etc.).

For shots on bosses, each torso shot is worth 400 points, and each limb shot is worth 200 points. There is no bonus points awarded for stun shot. The kill shot on Wild Dog is worth 3,000 points. The kill shot on Keith Martin is worth 3,000 points. The kill shot on Wild Fang in the first action sequence is worth 1,000 points but no bonus points are awarded for the same shot in the second action sequence. The kill shot on Robert Baxter is worth 1,500 points.

Enemy And Boss Endurance

Once again, certain enemy soldiers, machine weapons and vehicles, which require multiple hits to kill or destroy have lifebars. Like in Time Crisis 4, they all have green lifebars. For drugged enemy soldiers (in Stage 5 Areas 1 and 3) head shots will instantly kill them while shooting other areas of their bodies will deplete their lifebars. The boss's lifebar system from Time Crisis 4 is utilized once again, but each lifebar has different colors (green, yellow, orange and red). The boss can be shot while invulnerable (represented as a white part on their lifebar) for more combo hits but at decreased accuracy bonus per hit. In addition, machine or vehicle bosses have their lifebar displayed on the left side of the screen. These lifebars deplete when the player destroys specific parts (e.g. charging cannons and shield generators) on them. The green lifebar is the first lifebar. The yellow lifebar is the 3x lifebar (if the boss has four lifebars) or 2x lifebar (if the boss has three lifebars). The orange lifebar is the 2x lifebar on bosses with four lifebars. The red lifebar is the last lifebar.

Each boss has a certain number of lifebars:

The Quadruped Armored Vehicle (operated by Wild Dog) has three lifebars displayed on the left side of the screen. For the first one (green lifebar), it depletes by four parts via destroying the charging cannons. For the penultimate one (yellow lifebar), it depletes by two parts via destroying any two energy cells on the turret. For the last one (red lifebar), it depletes by three parts via destroying the remaining three energy cells on the turret.

The transporter erector launcher has one lifebar. Oddly, the color for it is green while a number next to it is 1.

Wild Dog has four lifebars.

Keith Martin has three lifebars. Each of them has invulnerability. He gets stunned when his first lifebar is depleted. His HP can deplete over two lifebars (the penultimate one and the last one) in one sequence.

Wild Fang has four lifebars.

Robert Baxter has three lifebars. During "Evasion Activity", he has an additional green lifebar that is optional to deplete when the player successfully evades and enters a slow motion attack. When he operates a combat droid, his last lifebar is green.

Combat droid (operated by Robert Baxter) has one lifebar that depletes by three parts displayed on the left side of the screen. The shield generators on both sides need to be destroyed first (taking two parts of the lifebar) to destroy the shield shielding Robert before he is vulnerable to shoot (taking the last part of the lifebar).

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