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by Lawrence Finlayson 9 months ago in vr · updated 9 months ago
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Blasar Incorporated

"Fractured Figment 00001"


After some thousand years or so after the fall of the Babel Tower, God finally got to the accounts of the incident, and in time decided that some of the directions were worthwhile endeavors, in particular rejoining the sRNA which he had separated into the different cultures, understanding, and perspectives of the world after the uproar the whole thing collapsed in every way possible, it seemed deliberate, planned, mischievous, almost pre-ordained, and ruthlessly fulfilling and reinforcing of his own good directions; however this capacity aspect of sRNA had never failed to amaze him, so that was what he did, presto a Jesus, but having the full sRNA capacity and still doing good by Judaist standards within a Roman society would be much more difficult a challenge.


This King of the Jewish people had been prophesized by the Oracle of Delphi, which was uncommon for her to be so abrupt with news of such a nature, and as the news spread faster than the plague, so, when the news fell upon the ears of the powers that be of the kingdoms, it was very upsetting to some. After the Oracle was assassinated the Delphinian followers disbanded and a shroud of secrecy took grip of the people.


King Herod and his lineage had quietly watched this problem ever since the ambitious David had offered his servitude as an attendant long ago. Kingship had been unknown since then mostly because of the wars that followed which destroyed the Temple of the Sacrament with its various treatises which united the Israelites and the Babylonians.


That Pharaohship had fallen with the death of Cleopatra.  With Rome ever encroaching on Egypt, Cleopatra befriended Mark Anthony and the two became close acquaintances, then lovers; over time she convinced him to plead the case that the Library of Alexandria be protected, with its scrolls, volumes of Mythos, Hypothica, among many others… 


The continuing colonization of the Holy Land by Rome continued, Kingship was up against Caesarian rule, and the one thing that could complicate the situation further was a Messiah. Herod was barely sleeping as it was, so, more out of pure exhaustion ordered the death of all firstborn sons of the Jews, while his days continued with wars and negotiations. Perhaps, as the serpentinian priests had suggested, it was time to rejoin the essence of God with the Goddess. Indeed, over the years fertility, prowess, sexual enjoyment and the like had leached from the Holy Land after Moses “thing”. Perhaps this Jewish King, this Messiah, could return the benefits lost, in particularly the Baálian and Goddess benefits Moses destroyed on high since his ascension, but no, apparently, it is more important to be righteous than to actually enjoy life.


So, rather than fix or help the situations, he reinforces Heaven, then, proceeds to bind Earth and condemn, more so, the Goddess, in all her ways. Well, what can be more confusing to the angelic ranks than a God that prefers to be in his Hebrew form, have a Jewish King for a son and twist the world through his idealistic perspective which is another way of saying, absolutely no experience, anyone who has ever learned knows that the more you know, the less you realize you know, like everything else.


So, with his 10% righteous perspective, proceeds to condemn sin after re-entering Heaven and sends the world into further chaos because everything attached to sin is going beneath the Hell Seal, including people, entity, knowledge, angel, Goddess and Godly knowledge outside of the 10% percent perspective, and just because the sin is not on your mind, doesn’t mean it’s not there, obedience to Heaven keeps the sin away. But, it works both ways. If you erase memories, knowledge, understandings, and perspectives and replace them with obedience, literal interpretations, subjugation, subjection, tradition, among other stuff… including stress without satiation, emotion without release, and the penalty of death for asynchronicity, and the assistance from foreigners forbidden, sealed by the Apocalypse from a thing that was meant to cure, free, assist and quell, not to put people at dis-ease, bind, complicate and cause commotion… not even the Apostles could come up with an explanation for such questions, so, some 2000 or so odd years later... same Goddess question: “What the Hell?”



About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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