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by Ferrari King about a month ago in playstation

What I hope to see in the PS5

Of course, this is my opinion and what I would like to see but I believe we all want backward compatibility with all Playstation games. I know it comes with PS4 compatibility but like everyone else I want to be able to play my PS3 games on it too. I am fine with purchasing an external hard drive or something that will work with the PS5 so I can play my PS3 games and there are plenty of PS2 and PS1 games I want to play.

Not only do I want backward compatibility, I want to be able to put my saved playthroughs on and USB and upload it onto the PS5. I want to be able to upload all my gameplay to YouTube. Imagine playing Dead Space with all weapons and armor maxed out. The game is fun and easy at that point and I want to be able to upload it.

In my opinion the reason they do not put a lot of effort into backward compatibility is that they can just remaster or remake the older games and get more profit, at least with Sony games. I may be wrong, but I will still purchase the PS5 version of the game if it has better controls, graphics and more content. I really want to upload all my God of War gameplay as well.

I have a feeling the PS5 will be a bit pricy but I will suggest, and it may be too late for any of you now, is get a rewards card and charge everything and pay it off as soon as the bill comes in. I have already earned enough points to pay for half the PS5.

There are plenty of great games, from the Grand Theft Auto series, Dead Space, God of War and many more I would love to be able to upload. With backward compatibility these games can be played on the PS5 and uploaded.

I hope they make recording and uploading videos easier. I hope there will be less freezing and crashes. Unlike the big YouTubers I cannot afford equipment to edit and make great videos and I doubt I ever will. I am the slowest growing channel on YouTube after all. Uploading from the PS4 is not bad but I would like to be able to download Tubebuddy and use that app to edit thumbnails and such. It would make things a lot easier for noobs like myself.

Sorry for getting off topic but the Xbox seems to be able to play older games from earlier models so why not the playstation? If I had the money, I admit I would also purchase an Xbox. I realize there may be some issues with backward compatibility, which is why we need an external hard drive or such to connect to our PS5 that can play PS3 games and if necessary PS1 and PS2 games.

I would also like to add, please developers, stop patching cheats and exploits. I understand doing this for multiplayer but why do you feel the need to do it for single player? Even if I plan to upload the game the few people that may watch will know if I used an exploit and learn themselves. It is fine to block it in multiplayer since it may give players an unfair advantage.

In today’s world there really is no reason not to have backward compatibility. I could play my older Far Cry games and upload older games. I may not get many views but I wasn’t getting many now anyway. I truly hope PlayStation gives us what we gamers want. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you all enjoy gaming.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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