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One More Game?

by Vagabond Writes about a year ago in handheld
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Passion in Polygons and Pixels

A small showing of the gaming consoles in my home.

“You can’t make money playing video games!”

Screams some old man in the distance.

He is one of many who live with the outdated idea that playing video games is solely a meaningless pastime. In this day and age playing video games is actually a lucrative business model. There are currently a myriad of people who generate revenue through their love of gaming. Whether it is by live streaming or uploading gameplay, the act of playing games has been shown to be profitable. I intend to break into this market and be successful at it.

For me video games are more than a simple pastime, or a way to generate income, they’re a true passion. I have been enthralled by the polygons and pixels on screen long before I was old enough to understand what they were. I recall some of my earliest days being spent watching my older cousin input button commands that my child brain couldn’t yet comprehend. When I was a bit older, I was introduced to games that are today considered classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Altered Beast, and Sonic the Hedgehog. These titles held my attention as a child for their constant stimulation and interactive gameplay. It began so simple, but it was the genesis of a lifelong relationship. As I grew older and evolved, so too did video games. Where there were once only simple implied stories, and basic controls, there were now complex fully explored storylines and new everchanging game mechanics. This evolution made the worlds within games more immersive than ever. I began to dive into realms much different than our own, and yet they still held valuable lessons about our own reality. They became both a form of escapism and a learning tool. In the same way a competent film or novel can transport you into another world, video games do the same. The key difference being that you yourself as a player are more directly intertwined with the story. I think this is the grand appeal of video games, and why so many people resonate with them. It’s a shared connection that is hard to define, and yet undeniable. It is what bonds us gamers to one another, and why we choose to spend countless hours of our life interacting with each other’s content. It would also explain why video games are so profitable.

The average Twitch streamer has the potential to generate an income of somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 monthly. While not an insanely huge amount it is around the same as any common profession. The more popular channels generate income several times more than that. Then same content produced can be further monetized with ad revenue, merchandise, sponsors, and uploads to YouTube. The YouTube scene operates a little differently, but can be equally as profitable when navigated correctly. Beyond that there are ways to receive financial support directly from those within your fanbase with sites like Memberful.

It is through Memberful that I intend to convert my existing audience into a community that will support my passion. I truly believe that having a community is essential to building a successful career. I have found people resonate with content more when they are included in the process of its creation. I know there are those who already support me in other endeavors who would gladly support my gaming ambitions. Memberful will allow me to interact with that audience directly. I’d be able to offer exclusive views at the behind-the-scenes content, access to merchandise when that became a possibility, directly chat with them, and offer co-op or competitive gaming sessions. These options would satisfy my existing following while simultaneously attracting new followers. I want to build my audience into a welcoming community who will allow me to flourish in this lifestyle.

While this all may seem like an idealistic lifestyle, it is not at all easy. There is a mountain of unseen effort that goes into having a successful gaming career, and being a content creator. To produce even halfway decent content, it is important to have the proper equipment which may include video capture devices, microphones, a camera, editing software, and not mention at least stable internet connection. Then there is having time to freely play video games, in addition to the time and know how required to edit the recorded footage. I do not want to do this because it’s easy or fun; I want to do this because it’s something I’m passionate about. I'm willing to battle hours on end with infuriating editing software and endure sleepless nights if it means I can share the wonders of the gaming world with others. I know of a few who share this passion, and can help me along the way.

I’ve made a few friends who have already begun their journey into the world of professional gaming. The first of which is Stephanie who is known by Rabbitblanc411 on Twitch. Her streams find a harmonious balance between creating art and gaming. Those who are interested in her art, soon become fans of her gaming content and vise versa. She's been very helpful in my process of learning to grow an organic audience.

Then we have Tristian who goes by NannOx in the streaming circles. He focuses heavily on entertaining gaming content, with the occasional chill conversation stream thrown in. He was one of the first to encourage me to pursue streaming, and has continued to be very vocal in his support. He is also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to affordable gaming equipment.

The third is known as Seiyuu13542 online, but I know her as “Chibs”. She mainly streams two of the current most popular games, Apex Legends and Genshin Impact. Gaming with her has improved my overall skill which can lead to more entertaining gameplay for the audience.

It is with the help of these friends that I am learning the ins and outs of the industry before even fully taking the plunge inside. Their insight is allowing me to prepare myself for the upcoming challenges appropriately and guarantee that I will be successful. The incoming months will be arduous, but well worth it for myself and my audience.

So, to the old man yelling that video games will lead nowhere, I say that you’re wrong. It is not an easy path, but the passionate press forward and succeed. We are uplifted by our communities, and our friends who share in our passions.


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