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Omno Review

by Fernanda Reyes 3 days ago in product review

It is a fact that Omno is remarkable how a single-device can make such a feat

It is a fact that Omno is remarkable how a single-device can make such a feat. A successful. Kickstarter In 2018, Jonas Manke increased his efforts to bring you this amazing exploration game. This game is a great example of how indie games can make a difference to the medium. It's a wonderful experience that you shouldn't miss. Let's get started!

I normally start reviews with a discussion about the story. But here, I want to focus on the visual wonder first and foremost. Omno is a low-polygon site, but the developer has mastered the art of bringing out the best from this textural approach. The combination of simple geometric shapes and soft pastel colors create vistas that are a delight for the eyes.

This doesn't mean there aren't stories out there, but you'll have to actively search for it. There are many murals and glyphs all over the globe that share a part of the story with wanderers who document their journeys to find the light.

Omno's levels are each their own biomes with many creatures and items. It doesn't have an open-world, which is actually a benefit to the game. You don't feel afraid about missing vital collectables and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), is something I experience in many games.

If you are like me, you will find that games that tell you where you should go to reach your next objective are subconsciously telling you to go in the opposite direction. This is to search for any hidden lore or items that could help my progress.

Omno makes it easy to forget about this. Simply press the Y button to show a hologram map showing your completion percentage for current level. If you find a meditation spot, you can also see their location.

To complete each level, you will need three glowing orbs that emit light. However, there is always more than three. Omno is so satisfying that you can't help but feel satisfied when you complete each level.

You'll unlock a new traversal mechanism when you enter a new biome. You'll be able to unlock an air dash at first. This replaces the double jump option that I really missed. Once you have mastered this, you can teleport, surf with your staff, or glide in the air.

The majority of abilities are fun to use, and you may have to link them together. However, it can be difficult to trigger a glide out of a dash/teleport correctly and it can feel bad to crash to your death because the game doesn't register your button inputs in the right way.

For a few collectables, the glide must be precise and it is not always easy to pinpoint your movements.

The checkpoint is not far away and should require little trial and error to get past certain platforming hurdles. Omno is, above all, a tranquil and relaxing experience.

You can also interact with the creatures that inhabit each area of Omno. You can interact with some of them by dropping light crystals that you can use to power up your totem. These light orbs will allow you to move faster. Others help you navigate the world. You can ride up to the next level with giant turtles, or as stepping stones. There are 41 total creatures.

These amazing creatures are sure to be highlights of the game. They will show you the grandeur of the world from atop a flying Dragon or floating Jellyfish. Then, they will accompany you with some truly captivating vocals that will send chills down your spine.

You can also unlock achievements and trophies by completing smaller tasks. There are the usual "get 100%" achievements. But there are some rewards for experimentation. For example, standing on a stone crab and riding it five times, or sliding on the ice together with penguin-likes. It's an enjoyable experience and the interactions with the players are wonderful.

This doubles for the flying squirrel-type creature you accompany throughout the game. And before you ask, it is possible to pet it.

There is some puzzle solving, as well as platforming. It's not difficult, it's usually just setting up pillars so that you can jump on them. You could also play a Simon Says memory game or line up glyphs in order to unlock a ray light.

Puzzles that require you to carry a light key to activate it on a pedestal are the ones that might give you pause.

Omno isn’t very long, but it doesn’t have to. The game lasted approximately 4-5 hours. While I was disappointed to see the credits roll at the end, I felt it was the right length for a title of this nature. If I had to make one wish, it would probably be for some extras.

It was a great decision to give you access to a time attack down the snowy slopes. You can collect light beads that will increase your speed, or surf to specific points to reduce your time. This is really fun and allows you to set new personal records. I would love to have access to more tracks or be able compare my scores with friends.

This is like asking for an extra scoop of ice cream after you already have a surprise dessert. Who wants to be like that guy? (Not me!)

Omno was my first Xbox Game Pass game. It's a great adventure and I enjoyed it. It's short, memorable, and easy to remember. There isn’t much replayability. It can be refreshing to find a new game every week that is easy to finish in a matter of minutes.

The Final Word

Omno It was a beautiful and peaceful journey that made me feel relaxed. I felt accomplished after completing each section. The positive interactions with the world's inhabitants and other players will stay with me for a long time. It is highly recommended!

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Fernanda Reyes

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