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My Virtual Place is the Coziest Space

by Shamar 7 months ago in pc

I'm not so fortunate to be able to escape in real life so I'll take myself there online.

My virtual cozy space

Unfortunately for me, I don't live alone so I can't actually build the cozy space that I want to because there's no room in the house. I daydream about moving out but who's to say when this will happen? All I can do is daydream about my perfect space, what it will look like, what will go where, how big the room will be, and what items I need.

You know when you shop for things online and pick the items you want even though you can't get them yet? Yeah, I do that. I'm not going to make a collage of photos of all the items I want simply because I do not have the IT skills. Therefore, I will show you it virtually through my favorite PC game The Sims 3.

Angle 1

As you can see, I don't ask for much. It's standard room size, with an en-suite. I admit the bathroom is a bit big but I'm not complaining. The main items that I need in my cozy space would be the bookshelf because I love to read and the computer because I love to write. Ideally, the computer would be a big Apple mac but that's not a purchasing option in the game. By the way, the Sim you are looking at is actually me. Well, it's the virtual version of me.

Angle 2

The decorations in my space would include a mirror, so I can look at myself and take photos, of course, fake plants as they are extremely aesthetic and just add so much to a room. As you can see, the plants are large because large plants are better than small plants.

In terms of comfort, there's just a two-seater sofa. Not a large corner sofa that has the recliner seats and can fit about ten people including the cat? No. No one is allowed in my cozy space apart from me. The only reason why there's not a single chair is so I can take a nap and put my feet up when I want to. Really and truly that space is reserved for the cat.

Red and beige is the color scheme in my space. I tend to associate a deep red color with old really cool libraries, I don't know why. Maybe I should have added a bit of green in there too.

Having an en-suite is slightly luxurious I know, but I don't want to be straying too far from my space. I'm the type of person to love everything in one room.

Me reading a book in my virtual space. Just for the record, if that was real life there's no way I would have my shoes on the rug.

There's just one window, a huge panoramic window because they are my absolute favorite, looking across the greenery. There are no windows in the bathroom, just super bright LED lights.

The bookshelves are not too large and not full because I don't like the feeling of having too many books. It would be too much to maintain with all the dusting and I'll be too short to reach the top of the bookshelf. If we want to go into detail, all the books would be in alphabetical order.

I couldn't add a mini fridge to the room because you can't buy mini-fridges in The Sims. However, I would have a mini-fridge in my space that has water, different juice and a few snacks in there. Wouldn't be so much of a mini-fridge if I want to add snacks...

Me virtually writing this article in my space

I'm sure you can tell by now that this would be a pretty expensive space, considering there's a velvet sofa and all. In The Sims it totaled up to around 12,000 simoleons which is approximately $40,000. I know for a fact that $40,000 is a bit far-fetched for this room as you can get pretty much everything second-hand. But you're forgetting the en-suite, so yeah potentially this space would cost around $25,000. Bathrooms are not cheap to install at all.

As I said, this is just me daydreaming and planning ahead. Hopefully one day I can have this space but until then, at least the virtual me is a happy bunny.

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