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‘My Hero Academia: One’s Justice' Updates!

New Information on Release Date, New Characters, New Gameplay, and More!

By Michael ReynosoPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
Image Credit: #MyHeroAcademiaOnesJustice

Welcome, My Hero Academia fans!!

Today is a big day for My Hero Academia fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, I will discuss with you guys the updates about the upcoming game, My Hero Academia: One’s Justice and much more. The game is only available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can also pre-order the game before it is released by clicking here.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

All Might & Midoriya in action!

Now, some people said that the game looks great and others say that it looks like garbage.

Let’s start with the gameplay clips because this should be a very short discussion!

On Twitter, Bandai Namco released these short gameplay clips. The resolution is not the best because it's Twitter, so apologies for that. This is all we have.

First, we have got a couple of clips that are animation heavy. This is a character with their intro animation and their ultimate attack.

There is not much to analyze and break down here. It is really more of a flashy animation. You either like the flashy ultimate attacks or you don’t. Either way, it does not say much in a way of gameplay.

On the other hand, we have this clip from Uraraka and it shows what a combo could look like in the game. I actually like this. Now, Uraraka initiates her combo by activating her quirk by touching Bakugo and making him float. Then she follows up with a couple of hits that smash Bakugo into the wall. While he is stunned, she throws the special move and throws Bakugo into a huge concrete pillar.

The combos looks nice and tough to execute. It is satisfying, but it is not too long of a combo that the person getting hit feels like, “I cannot do anything. I am stuck in this combo forever and this is boring to play.”


The combo is not that long.

At the same time, the combos are long enough that it feels satisfying for the person landing the combo. It feels like you are doing significant damage. I will love to see more gameplay clips like this and less of the ultimate attacks.

Fumikage Tokoyami will be a new playable character!

Now 3 characters have been announced and one of them is Tokoyami Fumikage, the "dark shadow" himself.

Eijiro Kirishima is the new playable character!

The other announced character is Eijiro Kirishima and he will be making his appearance in the game.

Kyoka Jiro is the new playable character!

Also announced is Kyoka Jiro, AKA "Earphone Jax."

Proof of Scans From the Shonen Gamez Website!

Image Credit: @ShonenGameZ

We got this scan translated by Shonen Games and got a couple of screenshots as well.

Tokoyami's Dark Shadow Move!


This dark shadow shot here looks really good.

Tokoyami's Scan Description!

From this scan, we did not learn much about Tokoyami’s place, unfortunately. It is just that he can control dark the shadow. Maybe he will play like a puppeteer in the game.

That is a cool idea.

I guess we will see what happens.

Kyoka Jiro

Now, Kyoka Jiro seems to be a ranged character.

Kyoka Jiro's Scan Description!

The scan mentions that she has some fast attacks and “distance is your friend.” That is all we can figure out about her play style.

Eijiro Kirishima

Finally, we have Eijiro Kirishima.

Eijiro Kirishima's Scan Description!

This scan mentioned that he can harden his body for offense and defense. However, the scan also says that he cannot stay that way forever. Also, you keep track of your own health. So Kirishima might lose health while using his quirk, which might be the way that the game is representing stamina.

It is simply you losing your health very slowly. Anyways, I am looking forward to learning more about these characters for sure.

I am very happy about these announcements!!

The release date is revealed!

Finally, let’s talk about the “release date” and pre-order information!

The Japanese release date is August 23, which is soon. There is no mention of a western release date, yet. I might be prejudiced here, but I do not remember a single game that came out in August, ever. I am not that superstitious, so we might be fine.

One's Justice cards!

In Japan, people who pre-order the game will get a few cards as a token of appreciation. Also, there is another pre-order pack, which we might see here in North America and it is called a “Customization Pack.”

I would urge you guys to wait for the review before the pre-ordering. At the same time, it is your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

The reason why I am discussing pre-order items is that we had no idea that we could customize characters in this game.

A Customized Attire of Bakugo!

Bakugo has an army costume here.

This means that characters will be able to have different costumes to equip.

This is amazing news!!

The second item is “Midoriya Victory Foresees.” So, it might be different voices for your winning screen or victory screen.

'Overwatch's' Victory Song!

It may be similar to a victory pose in Overwatch. We have to wait and see what this is all about.

You can create a unique title!

We also get a unique title, which might be a similar situation in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. In the My Hero Academia: One’s Justice game, you can put a little sentence or a little title at the bottom of your player card, which is pretty cool.

New Accessories Available!

Now two exciting accessories!!

So not only will you be able to equip different costumes on your character, you will also be able to equip them with different accessories.

A Playable Mineta?!

This Mineta accessory is the best thing ever made (laugh). Now, this does not mean that he is not playable.

So that is all the updates I have for you guys!!

I am sure we will get a release date in North America very soon, but now at least we know when the game is finally coming out.

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^


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