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Mass Effect: Andromeda

I still love it 3 years later

Mass Effect: Andromeda
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The most recent game in the space opera game franchise developed by Bioware. Mass Effect Andromeda was released to the public on March 21, 2017. Now, I love the Mass Effect trilogy. I believe it is one of the best franchises on the market of RPGs (with Dragon Age tied of course). Harnessing what is arguably the best game engines, known to the world of gamers as Frostbite, it did have it's moments where something was

This is not going to be the 100th post about how much of a terrible game. No, it is about how I believe it deserves another chance with an open mind.

Firstly, Clancy Brown uses his iconic voice to tell us a story about how humanity decided to take a journey into the deep unknown reaches of space for a new beginning in the Andromeda Galaxy. You play as either Scott or Sara Ryder, who are twins and children of the late Ellen Ryder, and Alec Ryder, the pathfinder.

The graphics alone are stunning, thanks to Frostbite. Hair looks less like awkward helmets hiding thermal clips, and more like hair, that has some physics built in for a slightly more immersive experience. Now what I think caused this game to get such a negative review from so many were the awful facial expressions. The wincing, the smiling when discovering bad news, the 'I'm pulling a gun on you', faces. All terrible. The eyes showed literally zero emotion. That's what I call Doll eye syndrome.

There are more discrepancies, I am sure, but honestly, I lack the desire to go through and find each and every single one. What I want to do is try to convince everyone to give this game a second shot.

This game has nothing to do with the original games. Yes, Shepard is mentioned, as are a few notable characters, but this is the story of Ryder and their journey. The Kett are...different. I found the Archon to be a better antagonist than Harbinger or the Collectors. Yes, he thought himself to be better than everyone else, but this just one cares. He was just jealous that a human was able to interface with the vaults and he could not. So, in classic Mass Effect villain style, Ryder must be exterminated.

Ignoring the cringe-worthy facial animations that still are present, though in fewer occurrences, it is actually a nice story. Humans need a new home. Hello Andromeda, 600+/- in the future. We have some familiar races, Turian, Asari, Salarian, and the Krogan. Unfortunately, the Quarians are missing. Sad. Dad Ryder kept a secret. Cora is jealous. Liam still acts like a cop. Sibling in a coma, while you are running around trying to make a home for literally everyone, and solving their problems. Classic Bioware, right there. You manage to make all the planets viable, end the Kett war, make besties with your AI implant, fall in love, and manage to discover dad's secret. Mom is alive!

Classic storyline from Bioware, yes, but it is a good story. Including all of the tedious side missions, I believe it makes it even better. And I still can't decide to have Kesh rule, or put the Moshae in.

Seeing that it has been updated, I believe more people should give the game another shot, keeping an open mind, and look past the awkwardness. It is still a space-opera, and I am a fan. Sue me.

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