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Los Nietitos: Official Supplier and Sponsor of Uruguay's RWC 2023 Squad

The Union of Rugby of Uruguay (URU) towards the end of 2022 for Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad, which will be hosted in France, to be prepared for the tournament. A significant agreement was struck between Los Nietitos. In collaboration with the Andros Group, iconic Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad brand Los Nietitos will serve as the Rugby World Cup 2023 France official supplier.

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As an iconic Uruguayan brand and in collaboration with the Andros Group, Los Nietitos will serve as the Rugby World Cup 2023 France official supplier. Along with providing financial assistance for the Uruguayan team's World Cup participation, the agreement also suggests several cooperative initiatives aimed at advancing sports in the nation.

The manager of Los Nietitos stated, "We are quite delighted to be able to sponsor a sport whose principles are those that we use in our manner of working and being in the company: discipline, respect, and demand. We wish to spread the sport of Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad so that young people may learn about its many virtues.

The proposal from Los Nietitos, according to the URU President, is original since "it also brought a lot of joint activities and the possibility for players to do internships in the company." We thought the accord was excellent," he remarked.

From September 8 to October 28, 2023, France will host the Rugby World Cup. As it is conducted every four years, this will be the ninth event in history. To make Rugby World Cup more accessible to both boys and girls, the Los Nietitos firm will host Dulzina Rugby Day on September 8 in the city of Colonia. This event will include Uruguay Rugby World Cup schools from the department and public schools.

Uruguay and Chile Have Confirmed Activity Before Rugby World Cup

Two of the three World Cup teams from the area will be preparing for the Rugby World Cup throughout five weekends from July 29 to August 26.

An Argentina XV team will compete against their neighboring nations while Los Pumas (Argentina) prepare as usual for the Rugby Championship by playing against Australia (July 15), South Africa (July 29), and South Africa again (August 5), as well as a test match in Madrid against Spain (August 26), before making their World Cup debut against England.

Namibia, a World Cup participant as well, will travel back to South America to take on all three teams as part of their pre-France training. This is similar to what they did before Japan in 2019. The games, which are test matches and go toward the RWC squad standings, will not include the Argentina XV. Currently, Chile is placed 22nd, Namibia is 21st, and Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad is 17th.

Los Teros (Uruguay) have played four test matches against the Welwitschias (Namibia), whereas Chile will play Namibia for the first time. Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad won the first three games, while Namibia triumphed 30-28 in 2019 at the same Charra Stadium. The Rugby World Cup will pit them against one another once more.

The matches for Chile's Group D opponents are against Japan on September 10 in Toulouse, Samoa on September 16 in Bordeaux, England on September 23 in Lille, and Los Pumas on September 30 in Nantes.

However, Los Teros will compete in Group A against France (Thursday, September 14 in Lille), Italy (Wednesday, September 22 in Nice), Namibia (Wednesday, September 27 in Lyon), and New Zealand (Thursday, October 5 in Lyon) before finishing with New Zealand. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Uruguay Vs Namibia Tickets from our website. Due to their involvement in the Super Rugby Americas, which provides them with the top-tier continental Uruguay Rugby World Cup, Los Teros and Los Cóndores (Chile) will both come well-prepared.

Pablo Lemoine, Chile's head coach, said, "Having the chance to play at home and against teams with the characteristics of a team like Namibia is very important for Chile, as it will mimic what we can expect in the Rugby World Cup 2023." The Rugby World Cup trip will include these games, which will also serve as a means to say goodbye to the supporters who traveled with us and were crucial to our qualifying.

In Antofagasta, a city in the north of Chile, Los Cóndores (Chile) may play for the first time in the Calvo y Bascuán Regional Stadium, which is just 300 meters from the Pacific Ocean. The location of this encounter versus the Argentina XV will be announced soon. One week later, they will play Namibia at the Germán Becker Stadium, where they played their first test match against Brazil in 2013. The final game will take place at an unnamed location in Santiago, the nation's capital.

Uruguay's RWC 2023 squad will have the chance to finalize their playing list for their journey to France as they gain additional World Cup experience. The fact that they will play all three of their games at home will help Esteban Meneses' team prepare.

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