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Gaming 4 Peace NBA 2K Tournament presented as part of Game Changers Weekend and Gaming 4 Peace Symposium on April 6, 2024.

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NEW YORK, NY – GAMING 4 PEACE IS A CREATIVE RESPONSE, A COMMUNITY GATHERING & A CALL TO ACTION. Here gamers, activists, parents, teachers, students, frontline violence interrupters, organizers, and young people from across the country alike come together to use gaming to confront violence, mental health, lack of opportunity and investment in communities of color, and celebrate those working together to find solutions and create access points to creative pathways. Our mission & objective is to re-imagine gaming, e-sports & entertainment as a tool for healing, education, anti-violence and therapy, all the while creating opportunities for the at-risk, low income, system-impacted young people we serve.


LIFE Camp Inc., a beacon in America’s fight against violence, has revolutionized how communities confront and heal from trauma since its inception in 2002. Spearheading the New York City Crisis Management System and launching transformative initiatives like Peace Week, LIFE Camp Inc. has set a national standard for community-led peace efforts. Gaming 4 Peace is a day-long symposium that will take place at York College in Queens as a part of the larger Game Changers Weekend taking place on April 67.


Erica Ford, co-founder and CEO of LIFE Camp Inc., shares "I turned to gaming as a platform for peace because I see its incredible potential to reach and engage young people. Gaming isn’t just entertainment; it's a way of life for many, offering us a unique opportunity to weave in messages of peace-building and conflict resolution. By embedding these crucial skills and values into games, we can guide our youth towards empathy, cooperation, and a deeper understanding of community harmony. It's about connecting with them in their world, through the games they love, to steer them towards a more peaceful path."


Marvin Bing, Partner at Fairfax Studios, the creative agency partnering with LIFE Camp to bring this create this ongoing initiative, states “speaking as a system impacted youth (both foster care and the juvenile justice system) turned entrepreneur that focuses on creative ways to change the criminal justice system and policies that keep system impacted people and communities they come from as being seen as equal on all playing fields. I believe gaming has a unique role to play and its position in today's creative economy and digital future that can allow not only opportunities for financial health and wellness but also being used as a tool to engage, educate, heal, and beer understand trauma and esteem from a unique perspective.”


Brandon Pitts, Founder and CEO of Play One Up, the platform facilitating the NBA 2K tournament, shares “Leading a gaming platform that's seen success, it's not everyday that we can collaborate and partner together with an organization like Life Camp that is on the frontlines with communities and families often overlooked ,neglected , and forgotten to address some of the biggest social issues in our country. We're using gaming to confront violence, and to educate parents, social workers, teachers, and engaging young people and young adults who may be forgotten or seen as disposable. We look forward to this event and the ongoing efforts to eradicate gun violence and create safe and healthy communities using creative methods.”


The 1st Annual Gaming 4 Peace NBA 2K Invitational is a multi weekend online gaming tournament culminating in an in-person championship round played live at the LIFE Camp Game Changers Weekend at York College in Queens New York on April 6th, 2024. With a $25,000 prize pool, this will be a direct incentive to encourage young people to leave the streets, and gain access to opportunities and pathways provided by the gaming industry. To enter the Tournament you must be 18+ years old, follow LIFE Camp on Instagram @lifecampinc and register for the tournament.

To Register for the Tournament and/or the Summit please visit

Public Registration for the Tournament begins Sunday March 3, 2024 at 12:00pm EST.

About Life Camp: A better world starts with a better neighborhood. Founded in April 2002, LIFE Camp, Inc. (Love Ignites Freedom thru Education) is one of the leading violence prevention and intervention organizations in America. LIFE Camp offers youth and families educational, employment, and social opportunities they may not otherwise have. Through our novel Violence Intervention & Prevention VIP System, youth mentorship programs, Peacemobile, and award-winning initiatives, LIFE Camp approaches violence as a public health crisis, therefore transforming entire communities.

We are a 501c3 community-led organization staffing 63 talented peace-keepers.

PRESS CONTACT: [email protected] [email protected]


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