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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 19

By Kelly RileyPublished about a year ago 5 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through all each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue for chapter 19. More chapters will be posted soon.

Chapter 19: Virginia the Detective

Elliot Bernard was dead. Franny and Bobby were free to go about their lives. All I wanted was to return to the estate and draw a hot bath, but life had other plans...

None of us wanted to answer any prodding questions about Elliot's death. So we went to the local watering hole to find Jack and get a ride back to New Orleans.

June: Well, there he is.

Bobby: He's out cold.

June: Better find a way to wake him up.

Clue #1

June: Rise and shine.

Jack: Ah! What? Who's there?

June: Morning, sunshine.

Jack: Oh. Juney! What did I miss?

We proceeded to tell Jack everything...


Jack: You got into a shoot-out on top of a Spanish fort and you didn't invite me?

June: It was nothing like in the movies, if that makes you feel better.

Jack: I still can't believe I missed it.

June: We need you to fly us back to New Orleans. You up for it?

Jack: Yeah, just need a cup of coffee to, you know, wake me up.

Clue #2

June: One strong cup of coffee coming up.

Jack: Blech. Strong is an understatement. You sure that's not motor oil, Juney?

June: Are we about ready to go now?

Jack: Hold on, hold on. Let me finish the cup.


Jack: Let me get this straight. This Elliot jerk. First he tried to pin this murder on Bobby. And then he pinned it on his girlfriend, Stella? This would make a helluva movie.

June: Maybe you should write the script. Anyway, here we are. The young couple's new apartment.

June: And look, the morning paper's already arrived.

Clue #3

June: Hold on. There's an item in here about Stella. She's been cleared of all charges. The paper says someone phoned in an anonymous tip.

Franny: That was me. It's not Stella's fault her boyfriend was a rat. And it didn't seem right for her to rot in jail.

June: Elliot certainly hurt a lot of people.

Franny: I definitely won't miss him.

Bobby: We really can't thank you enough for this, June.

June: Your old place was trashed, and you needed more space for the three of you anyway.

Bobby: Yes, but this place... it must have cost quite a bit.

June: Think nothing of it. We're practically family. Now, who wants to help me put together this crib?

Clue #4

June: All right, one last piece. I think I see how it fits.

Mrs. Talbot: June. May we talk a moment? I'm not ready to return to New York just yet. I would like to be here when the baby arrives.

June: Naturally. Stay as long as you need. We'll see you in New York when you get back.

Mrs. Talbot: Thank you again. For all of your help.


All I wanted to do when I got back to the estate was take a bath and lie down. But before I had the chance to rest, the phone rang.

Clue #5

June: Hellow. Parker residence.

Sam: Virginia?

June: No, this is June. Who... Sam Watts? How did you get this number?

Sam: From Virginia. Can I please speak to her?

June: No, no you can't.

I was so furious, I couldn't think. I slammed the receiver back in its cradle. The nerve of Sam Watts. Calling Virginia, and after all he'd done to her. Killing her parents. Kidnapping her. But he'd said that Virginia gave him the number... I had to find Virginia and talk to her.

Clue #6

June: A note from Virginia. "Aunt June, I know you were supposed to get back from New Orleans soon... If you can't find me, I'll be up in the attic, going through Mom's old stuff. V." The attic. All right, Virginia. Let's talk.


June: Virginia. I just got off the phone. With Sam Watts.

Virginia: Oh. Yeah. I called Sam while you were away.

June: What were you thinking?

Virginia: I don't know. I've been going through some of mother's old stuff. I just wanted to talk to someone who knew her.

Clue #7

June: This trunk? Was this Clare's?

Virginia: Yes, and it's full of these old letters from someone named Irene Parker. Who's she?

June: She's... our mother. Mine and Clare's.

Virginia: What happened to her? Why have I never met her?

June: Listen, Virginia. There are some people who you're better off without.

Virginia: Why don't you want to talk about your mother? What did she do?

June: Irene abandoned us. When we moved here from London, she stayed behind. But it wasn't just that. She had this whole secret life. She was a thief and a con artist. She fooled our father for many years, and after we moved, we never heard from her again.

Virginia: Then what about these letters? How did my mother get them?

June: Let me take a look.

Clue #8

June: Hmm. Most of them have never been opened.

Virginia: Maybe she tried to get in touch with you.

June: I don't understand. Why would she do that? She was happy to be free of us.

Virginia: There's something else I want to show you. In the conservatory. Come on.


June: So, what is it you wanted to show me?

Virginia: Mother spent a lot of time here. It was her favorite place.

June: Clare always had a green thumb. Even when we were younger.

Virginia: See that watering can over there? Pick it up.

Clue #9

I picked up the watering can and the cabinet behind it swung open.

June: I thought this cabinet was locked!

Virginia: There's a pressue plate on the floor. Pick up the watering can and... voila! I was taking care of mother's place one day, and I found it by accident.

June: Did you look inside the cabinet?

Virginia: Remember what happened last time we found one of my parents' secret hiding places?

June: I do. You fell through the floor of your father's study. This looks safe enough. But maybe you should hold on to something, just in case.

Clue #10

June: Hmm. Some more papers and a roll of film. I wonder what's on it. Too bad we don't have a darkroom.

Virginia: We could make one. There's a potting shed in the garden that would be perfect. And I remember reading something in my chemistry book about developing photos.

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