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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 12

By Kelly RileyPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through all each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue for chapter 12. More chapters will be posted soon.

Chapter 12: The Grand Unveiling

Everyone was quiet on the train ride back to Paris. We had freed Luca from jail, but Silvio had succeeded in taking back the painting. There had to be a way for us to stop him.

June: I'm sorry we had to leave so quickly, Virginia. Seems you and Luca really hit it off.

Virginia: He gave me his address. I'll write him when we get back home.

For the first time in a long time, I noticed Amelia had her sketchbook out.

Clue #1

June: This is a beautiful sketch, Amelia. It's good to see you drawing again.

Amelia: Thank you. I realized something back in Italy. Silvio took Bernardo's gift from him, but I just gave up on mine. It's time for me to get back to doing what I love. I'm done with forgeries.


Silvio: Ladies! I see you're also on your way back to Paris.

Amelia: And I see you're as brazen as ever. You have some nerve, Silvio.

Silvio: Oh, don't be a spoilsport. I needed the painting much more than that senile old man. And the whole fiasco has done wonders for my exhibition! See for yourself.

Clue #2

June: "Santini recovers stolen masterpiece from nefarious thieves."

Silvio: That's my press release. I sound like quite the hero, don't I?

Amelia: Someone pass me a bucket.

Silvio: Anyway, lots to do... the grand unveiling of the Piazza of Love is tonight! Perhaps I'll see you around Paris, ladies. Ciao, ciao.


As soon as we arrived in Paris we headed to Amelia's apartment.

Amelia: Wait, something's wrong. Someone has been in here.

June: Whoever was here left a note.

Clue #3

June: Amelia, it's a search warrant. The police were here.

Amelia: They must have been looking for the forgeries.

June: How did they find out?

Amelia: I don't know, maybe Rene told them? That rat. It doesn't matter. It's only a matter of time before they catch me.

June: All right, calm down. Let's think this through. Was there anything in the apartment that could incriminate you?

Amelia: I don't keep the paintings here, but who knows what they might have found?

June: Let's take a look around.

Clue #4

June: It looks like the police went through your paint kit.

Amelia: That's not good. I use a special type of paint to replicate the old works. If the police match the paint to the forensics, they'll have strong evidence against me.

June: We need to hide the paintings. Where do you keep them?

Amelia: They're in the attic. I'll show you.


Amelia: The attic in my building has been empty for years. Nobody comes up here so I use the space to store the paintings. Hopefully they are still here.

Clue #5

June: My God, Amelia. I thought you said this was a small operation.

Virginia: There are enough paintings here to open an entire exhibition.

June: Virginia, you're a genius.

Amelia: What? We can't open an exhibition. These are forgeries.

June: Not our own exhibition, but I have an idea. Silvio's having his grand opening tonight. Wouldn't it be a shame if all of his paintings turned out to be forgeries?

Amelia: You mean frame him? I love it.

June: If only there was a way we could get the Piazza of Love back too...

Clue #6

June: You did a great job on these paintings, right down to the last detail. Do you think you could forge Silvio's signature?

Amelia: Sure, but what are you thinking?

June: We could paint something to take the Piazza of Love's place and swap them.

Amelia: Hmm, one last forgery. Could work, but I'll need some art supplies.


We left Amelia's apartment to pick up supplies and hash out our plan.

Amelia: Okay, so I'm going to paint this forgery. Then what?

June: We need a way into Silvio's gallery so we can plant the forgeries. Then we need to make sure the police are there when Silvio unveils them. There should be a telephone booth around here somewhere.

Clue #7

June: Hello, Operator? I'd like to speak to the police. Um, yes Officer. I have information about the art forgeries. I saw some suspicious men moving paintings in and out of Silvio Santini's gallery. Yes, I can meet you there tonight.

Amelia: All right, so what's your master plan? You still haven't told us how we're going to get my forgeries into the gallery undetected.

June: I'm still working on that.

Amelia: June, all this is pointless if we don't have a way into the gallery.

June: Amelia, trust me. You and Virginia get started at the studio. I'll find our way in.

Clue #8

I didn't have time to think of a plan before Silvio himself turned up.

Silvio: Miss Parker! When two people as beautiful as you and I keep meeting -- it must be fate! Come to dinner with me tonight. I will show you the real Paris.

Sometimes in life, you hear yourself saying things you never thought you would. But if I could trick Silvio into letting me into the gallery, it would all be worth it.

June: Why yes, Silvio. I would love to go to dinner.


Silvio: I know we got off to a bad start, but I'm so glad we have the chance to reconcile.

Silvio made my skin crawl but I had to keep him talking. And drinking.

June: I don't know about you, but I could use a drink. I know just the thing.

Clue #9

June: A wise man once told me that absinthe is the best drink for an artist.

Jack once told me that absinthe is the best drink for getting stewed.

Silvio: Ah yes, the green muse! How lucky I am to have two muses with me tonight!

Silvio was too absorbed in himself to noticed I hadn't touched my drink. I hoped if I got him drunk enough, he wouldn't notice me lifting his keys.

Silvio: It'sss... a dog-eat-dog world, June. Sure, Bernardo painted the paintings... but I found them.

The absinthe had taken its effect on Silvio and I saw him drop something.

Clue #10

Silvio's keys. Now we had a surefire way into the gallery.

Silvio: My *hic* father always told me I could never be an artist... But I showed him! There's more than one way to success!

June: Oh dear, Silvio. Why don't you go home and rest before the exhibition? You'll want to be at your best for the grand unveiling. I'll get you a cab.


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