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If Pokemon Were Made for iPhone

by RoAnna Sylver 4 years ago in handheld
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I am looking into the face of hell, and it makes my game-loving blood run cold.

Although it's my usual fanart feature for a beloved game, I'm pretty sure this article actually belongs in the "Horror" section. Because I am looking into the face of hell, and it makes my game-loving blood run cold.

Most of us are familiar by now with iOS games that require time, "friends," and sometimes actual monies to play and advance in. They're addictive, and clearly an effective game-making strategy - but there are some places that are just sacred. Pokemon is one of them.

First shared on imgur, this terrifying what-could-have-been has been making the rounds elsewhere on the interwebs, and it paints a frightening yet funny picture of what Pokemon Red/Blue might have been like if they were made now, instead of the sunny, nostalgia-soaked days of our childhoods.

Perish the thoughts.


About the author

RoAnna Sylver

Writes weird books about marginalized people surviving/rocking out (CHAMELEON MOON, STAKE SAUCE), amazing puns, and geeky articles. Lives with chronic pain/genetic weirdness. An actual mutant. Open Your Eyes, Look Up To The Skies And See!

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