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I'd Live in Hyrule

The Legend of Zelda Franchise is one of my all-time favourite video game series

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Wind Waker Hyrule Castle

**A lot of this post is based on my own opinions surrounding the Legend of Zelda series. Thank you to Nintendo of course for such a beautiful creation.**

Ever since I was a little girl, I had wanted to live within the kingdom of Hyrule. I have always been a humongous fan of the Legend of Zelda video game franchise. The classic game that stands out to most people is Ocarina of Time with Breath of the Wild following in for a close second in my opinion.

Even though the video game franchise is legendary itself, I have always had an obsession with the Legend of Zelda series ever since I was a small child. I still can remember the first time I had watched my mother play Wind Waker. It was way past my bedtime and she let me curl up next to her on the couch. I enjoyed getting to watch her play. I was obsessed with the characters. I got to fall in love with the cartoonish art style and the gameplay at such an early age. The first time she let me create my own account, I was amazed by how challenging the game happened to be for the little eight-year-old version of myself as my mother had made the game look so easy. Now I can breeze through the whole thing with no problem. It is my game that I go back and play, time and time again. It's the video game world where I could just run away into, just disappear, and escape.

Specifically, the hidden lore behind the video game franchise has always fascinated me for most of my young adult years, especially after I spent some time in high school writing Legend of Zelda fanfiction. (Ah, thinking about that brings me back to I used to obsess over my very own copy of the Hyrule Historia book and spend countless hours watching multiple YouTubers online explain their own thoughts and opinions on the Zelda lore and their own version of the timeline problems.

The music score was utterly enchanting to me as well. From back when I was a child until this very day. I still truly love that it is one of the most beautiful things that the Zelda franchise is known for, the game score. The gorgeous orchestra music that accompanies alongside the gameplay, completely sums up certain areas of the games- not to mention the storyline, at least in my opinion. I could live within those games just for the stories in general.

When I think about the idea of living within the realm of Hyrule, on any kind of spectrum, I don't think I'd enjoy living in the castle. Ideally, I'd live on Outset Island within the Wind Waker video game. Solely because that's the game that I had the opportunity to grow up with. Wind Waker is my version of Ocarina of Time, the game that I loved and grew up with.

I have always adored the whole idea of reincarnation. The games do a pretty darn good job of explaining Zelda and Link's reincarnation from behind the scenes. (Ganondork's reincarnation, not always explained as well) and even though the game series usually follows the whole "sexist" hero saving the princess and the kingdom concept, Zelda battles through her own challenges within the video games and happens to be a kick-ass fighter in a dress alongside Hyrule's hero Link. They usually manage to pull it together within the end of the game (with the help of a lot of fancy-dancy equipment) to save the kingdom from the beast himself.

I really could see myself living within any single one of these video games, any single one within the Legend of Zelda franchise, just for the legend of Hyrule itself.

Chloe Rose Violet

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