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How to Rank Up in Rocket League

by Androm 9 days ago in how to

No matter your rank, this article will help you get to the next level

How to Rank Up in Rocket League
Rocket League Ranks

Rocket League is a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy with ease. When it comes to competitive, stakes become far higher and the sweat begins to drip.

What can be done to progress in ranked? There are several basic things that you can do that will help you rise to glory.

One of the most important and easiest ways to improve quickly in Rocket League is to observe your own gameplay and integrate improvements. Lets go a little more in depth.

Review, Reflect, Integrate

To start, everytime you lose a game, save the replay for that game and go back and rewatch it in its entirety. As your watching, search for any mistakes that you make throughout the game. Any time you notice a mistake, take a mental note of it and pause to determine what you could have done differently in that situation to have come out with a better outcome. Here's what this process looks like in a simple diagram:

Diagram showing general outline for how to rank up.

Just by following the above diagram, I was able to climb from Champion 1 division 1 up to champion 2 division 2 in the span of a single day. If you commit a full session to trying to improve your own gameplay, chances are you will find yourself winning more games more consistently.

Learn from better players

Some more common ideas to helping you rank up include watching higher level gameplay and figuring out what it is they do different than you. If you can isolate the points in a higher level game where you would not have done the same, you'll be able to bring yourself up to that level by keeping it in mind to make the changes necessary.

You can also watch some Rocket League streamers on twitch who will guide you through certain aspects of the game where you might need improvement. There are lots of high-ranked players who stream with few viewers and who are very interactive with chat. You can sort by "Low to High" on the Rocket League section to find these low viewer high level players.

"Low to High" option on Rocket League twitch

Youtube tutorials are also extremely helpful. Channels like Thanovic have in-depth tutorial video for basic mechanics and ideas towards helping rank up out of particular ranks.

Train, train, train

Another option is to spend a few game session's training. Instead of partying up or playing casual and ranked, just stick to free play mode and practice hitting the ball around the field. It's a good idea to build a relationship with the ball. Every person has their own unique way of hitting the ball around the field, so find your way. Do what you can to perfect your own method of ball control. It doesn't have to mimic any pros or other players, just take what you're best at and stick with it. Improve on your own strengths and get as comfortable as you can with the ball. This will be particularly helpful for 1v1, but will also help for 2v2 and 3v3.

Complete training packs for aspects of your game that are lagging behind. If you're on PC play the dribbling maps and ring maps to help perfect general car control.

Queue when confident

Before jumping into ranked, play games in casual to practice things you've been working on without the pressure. Find a teammate that you trust to jump into games with. It's a lot nicer being able to trust your teammates across multiple games instead of getting random teammates who can be unpredictable.

Mindset is huge when playing ranked games. You want to be in a confident mindset when jumping into ranked matches. If you're not feeling confident about the game your entering into, don't enter into it. Play it in casual to feel out how you're playing at the time and then go into ranked once you feel good about your gameplay.

Competitive basics

You want to be able to develop a strong defensive game along with a strong offensive game. If you're weak on offense or weak on defense, play some more casual games focusing on whichever you need. Learn how to do proper rotations for each gamemode. Sunless Kahn has a great video on rotations:

If you can integrate these thing into your Rocket League session, you should see quick improvements in both your gameplay and your rank. If you're feeling stuck in a certain rank, take a step back and figure out what you're doing wrong. Keep practicing and when you begin to feel more confident try ranked again and see how your matches go. The most important point is to save your replays and review them. That's the most effective way to isolate your own faults and fix them.

Rocket League is a game with a seemingly infinite skill ceiling. There's always something you can be doing to improve at the game. Rank progression doesn't have to be slow, grueling, and nerve wracking. If you approach ranked the right way, it will be a smooth road towards improvement. Hopefully these points help in your own gameplay, they've surely helped in mine. Have fun in your games and good luck!

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