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How To Get A PS5 For Free 🎮

This is going to transform the way you look at buying things.

How To Get A PS5 For Free 🎮
You'll be able to get this for free.

My friends, our great friend Todd had a genius idea. He found a way to get the new PlayStation 5 for free. Like seriously free. The latest PlayStation retails for about $500, and the street price is even more (we've heard of upwards of $1,000). Which is a lot of money for anything, let alone a game system. But we all know gaming is important, so here’s what you have to do. It’s a little work, but if you do it right, it’s totally worth it if you want to score a free PS5. Also, here’s Todd’s Short giving a rundown of the masterplan for those that want a 60-second summary.

Step 1: Open a Checking Account 🏛️

Everyone has at least one checking account, and checking accounts are notorious for not paying any interest. This checking account from CapitalOne will give you a sweet new bank account bonus and help get you halfway to your new PS5. The bonus requires you to open up a CapitalOne 360 checking account using promo code BONUS400 by January 26, 2021 (you have a little more than two weeks). Then after two direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more within 60 days of account opening, you will be eligible to get a $400 new bank account bonus. Okay, step one complete! Thanks, CapitalOne! 🙏

Step 2: Open A Rewards Credit Card 💳

For step two, we're going to keep it in the CapitalOne family. Now, you'll have to open up the CapitalOne Quicksilver Rewards credit card. Then, use that credit card to buy your new PS5. When you open this credit card and spend at least $500 within the first 90 days, you will get a $200 new card bonus. Here’s Todd talking more about the CapitalOne Quicksilver Rewards credit card and on why it's one of the best new account bonuses on the market!

So, let's recap what happened. You opened a new checking account and scored a $400 new bank bonus in step one. Then, in step two you opened a new credit card account, bought your PS5, and scored a $200 new credit card bonus. At this point, you should have $600 in free money, but you still have a $500+tax credit card bill.

Use the $600 in bonuses to pay off your credit card balance from buying the PS5. That means you got the PlayStation literally for free, plus an extra $100 for taxes or profit.

A Note from Todd the Millennial Millionaire 💰

My counterparts in the finance industry would tell you to not get the gaming system. They would say to avoid treating yourself to a latte. Don’t go to restaurants, don’t go to movie theaters, and basically just have no fun at all.

My strategy is very different. Get EVERYTHING you want. Just make sure to get paid to get it.

By the way, when you pay off the $500 credit card balance, the CapitalOne Quicksilver credit card also gives you 1.5% cashback, meaning you’ll get an additional $7.50. Line up a secret shop to Peet’s Coffee or Starbucks. Use the $7.50 to buy yourself a latte (or whatever it is you like). Fill out the survey when you get home and make $11.50 in total for the secret shop.

You have now been paid to get a free latte, and that free latte you bought with money you earned from getting a free PlayStation 5.

This is called the monetization loop, and it is how I’ve lived for free for the last five years.

Thanks for Reading!

Let us know when you score your free PS5! If your mind was just blown by how you can get free money using banks and credit cards, definitely check out Todd’s list of the Top Credit Cards of 2021. Don’t forget to subscribe at Millennial Investments to learn more wealth building tips and tricks! Happy reading, and thanks for supporting our work! 😇🙏

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