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How to Fly in Final Fantasy XIV

by AnthonyMays about a year ago in how to

Flying in FFXIV is quite easy. Follow this guide to fly in Final Fantasy XIV.

When your tall mount in FF14 is stuck on the ground, do you feel tired when you see others flying? In this guide, we will introduce how to unlock the flight in Final Fantasy XIV.

Once you have adapted to Final Fantasy XIV, you can easily release the ability to fly, but it may be very confusing at first. With this guide, will we help you and your mount move forward, or should I say to fly?

How do you unlock flying in FFXIV: Heavensward?

Once you have made enough progress in Heavensward's story and completed the "Divine Intervention" mission, you will receive the Black Chocobo Whistle and Aether Compass.

Step1. Do the main scenario quest “Divine Intervention”

Step2. Use your Aether Compass to find and attune to currents.

Step3. Continue to do main scenario quests in each progressive zone to unlock the other five currents in each zone.

This whistle will unlock the chocolate in flight, but you cannot fly yet. In fact, you need to adjust the Aether current in each area where flight is enabled. What is Aether current? How to get them? Now let's get started.

If you open the "Aether Current" menu, you will be able to see how many still need to be tuned to fly in the designated area. As shown in the figure above, you have two types of Aether current. The orange ones are rewards for both missions and main story missions, while the green ones are found using the Aether compass you received.

To use the compass, just right-click it. Then the location of the nearest Aether current will be displayed, you just need to get there and right click.


Thanks to the ConsoleGamesWiki, we’ve copied all of the known locations for the Coerthas Western Highlands Aether Currents below. You can find the rest of the listings at the link above. Only read past this point if you don’t mind spoiling the hunt. Bear in mind that some currents are found with the compass while others are found by completing quests. To fly in a zone, you’ll need to unlock them all.

Coerthas Western Highlands Locations

Unlocked via Compass

Coordinates Description

(x30, y33) ---

(x25, y27) ---

(x11, y18) On the Dreaming Dragon, jump up onto the darker rocks just below the current.

(x21, y34) South of The Bed of Bones

(x13, y7) Peak of a snowy outcropping

(x24, y8) Go east from the Dusk Vigil entrance, it's tucked in a little nook

(x29, y24) Next to Black Iron Bridge

(x23, y9) At the very top of a large rocky out cropping

(x34, y26) Come in from the north side of The Warrens, and look for a little landing to drop down to.

(x31, y11) Gorgagne Mills, climb the stairs, jump to the small roof and shimmy round the side

Unlocked via Quests

Quest Title | Level | Location | Other Info

Bridge Over Frozen Water | Level 50 | (x32, y35) | Unlocks after completing "Disclosure"

For All The Nights To Come | Level 51 | (x16, y22) | Unlocks after completing "Sounding Out The Amphitheatre"

Baby Steps | Level 51 | (x16, y22) | Unlocks after completing "Sounding Out The Amphitheatre"

Protecting What's Important | Level 51 | (x16, y22) | Unlocks after completing "Camp of the Convictors"

Purple Flame, Purple Flame | Level 51 | (x16, y22) | Unlocks after completing "Camp of the Convictors"

The method covered in this FFXIV flying guide can be used to unlock flying in Final Fantasy XIV without issues. By the way, if you want to buy ffxiv gil, you can visit PVPBANK, an official site which offers all kinds of MMORPG gold.

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