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How Do Online Slots Work?

Here is what you need to know about online slots.

By Casey ChesterfieldPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Playing casino games is fun and exciting. You can explore countless games for any skill level, and the thrill of strategizing and risk-taking drives many players. Sometimes a new game catches a player’s interest, but not knowing how to play it makes participating risky. Online casinos allow players the chance to explore what gambling games exist, and offer free plays. For a game based purely on luck, discover how online slots work.

Every online slot game uses a random number generator to create random sequences every millisecond of the day. Every time a player clicks spin, the RNG produces a new random series of numbers. Online slot games have no memory, meaning no tracker is in place to record a player’s wins and losses. Slots is an instant game with an outcome determined in the moment based on mathematical algorithms communicated through the RNG.

Just like exploring games at a physical casino, you’ll find countless online versions of casino games to play. There are sites for every type of game a player could want, some for free, some membership-based, and others pay to play. Looking for slots sites with Double Bubble means accessing a full list of current slot sites that offer players free spins. Specifically, players can locate sites that have the exclusive slot game, which can only be found on select sites.

Basic play

Playing slots is based solely on luck. All slot machines have a different return-to-player rate, so choose one that has a high RTP rate. Study the game’s paytable to see how much each symbol is worth, and determine which to watch for. The paytable also tells players whether the game uses special features such as multiplier symbols, wild, scatter, or bonus symbols. If there’s a bonus symbol, expect a bonus round in the game that could end in cash prizes or free spins.

Choose how much to bet, and how many paylines to play. Set a budget before spinning; decide how much is affordable to spend, and stick to that sum. Slots games with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently than large ones, so consider aiming small if the goal is winning.


A great perk of online slot gambling is casino bonuses. Many types of bonuses are around, some more popular than others. Most online casinos tempt customers to their site with lucrative welcome bonuses. Free spins bonuses are triggered while playing the game, and they allow the player to spin again for free. These can be won either during regular play or during bonus rounds. Cash back bonuses allow players to reclaim a part of their losses.

To get the best bonus, look for online casinos with big sign-up bonuses and low wagering requirements. This will maximize the amount of actual money a player has to work with. All casino bonuses come with terms and conditions; be sure to fully understand these before accepting.

Know what the minimum deposit is for the bonus, whether or not you have a time limitation on using bonus funds, whether promo codes need to be entered, and which games the bonus offer includes.

Bets and wagers

Slot machines are available in a range of denominations. A player can bet with pennies or hundreds of dollars per spin, but the key to spin longevity is smart bankroll management. Wagering requirements refer to how much a player must bet before converting bonus money into real cash.

Wagering typically ranges between 20 times and 50 times the value of the initial deposit and/or bonus cash awarded. Casinos have strict rules about how long players have to clear wagering requirements, how much can be bet, and which games can be played using bonus cash.

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