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How Can Playing Wisconsin Megabucks Lottery Help You Bag Millions?

Wisconsin Megabucks Lottery

By Charles WekoPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Wisconsin Megabucks Lottery

Why are you interested in buying lottery tickets?

Of course, you’ll say, The Jackpot Money!

Well, one of the major reasons many of us tend to mark those shining digits on our favorite game playslip is to become a multi-millionaire. Others might do it for the sake of excitement, but the aim remains the same, crack the million-dollar jackpot. So why not make the most of your state lottery games, and try your luck winning any or maybe all of them. Started pondering which game to play, while staying in Wisconsin to bag millions? The official state lottery offers games like Megabucks that give you the chance of bagging $1 Million or more by just matching 6 numbers for just $1. It is the state’s biggest game featuring a grand progressive jackpot. The game is widely played and is quite popular for the jackpot and the odds to win it offers.

Jackpot Lottery

How To Play

Playing this game is super easy and of course very thrilling. You need to get your hands on the lottery playslip worth $1, and select 6 numbers from a pool of 1 to 49, and mark it on your playslip. You get to play a minimum of two plays on a $1 playslip. Or you also have the option of opting for Quick Pick, if you prefer playing numbers randomly generated by the terminal. If your selected numbers match the ones drawn, you bag the winning prizes!

Adding to your ways to win, the lottery gives you the option of playing your lucky numbers for more than one draw. You get to play the same numbers for up to 8 consecutive draws by just marking the appropriate number of draws, you wish to play under the Multi-Draw section of your playslip.

Not ending it here, you get to add instant fun to your game by just adding EZ Match to your ticket. For an additional $1, you may select the EZ Match feature which gives you the chance to win up to $250 cash instantly. You get the chance of winning 5 times on each game ticket.

Ensure to check the playslip carefully, as the ticket cannot be canceled. Remember your lottery ticket and not the playslip is the bearer instrument.

Wisconsin Megabucks

How To Bag The Billion-Dollar Lottery Jackpot?

Wisconsin Megabucks is one of the widely played lotteries that is known for its amazing payout structure and the super favorable odds of winning. To mark a win, you definitely need to match the digits drawn by the lottery machine. But how can you be so sure with that? While picking those numbers, you either back it with the Luck theory, which means picking numbers significantly depending on lucky numbers, lucky addresses, dates, and whatnot. Or, you also tend to look for hot numbers that help you in marking those winning digits. But what if, you get a bundle of techniques and strategies that help you bag a jackpot. Well, don’t scroll down thinking it to mere fake strategies, and it won’t let you have a single penny. That’s not the case!

The Lottery Lab is here to give you access to winning tips and tools that let’s you analyze the past lottery results which help you learn the drawing pattern of the machine, the frequency, or the number of times your selected numbers have been drawn in a given time. This gives you a fair idea of which numbers have are being favored by the machine and which haven’t.

A good bunch of lottery winning tips and techniques, when used wisely, may give you the chance of bagging jackpots for super rewarding games like Wisconsin Megabucks. Because lady luck is not always shining bright on your ticket. At times it takes real efforts to ink those specific numbers which increases your possibilities of winning.


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