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Homeless Removal in Paris as the Squad of France Prepares for RWC 2023

The relocation of homeless people before the 2024 Olympic Games are hosted in the capital, France Prepares for RWC, has sparked opposition from certain mayors of adjacent towns and villages who would be compelled to provide them with shelter.

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French-Irish connection after Brexit

The exchange, according to the ambassador, was a component of a cooperative action plan that the two governments had agreed to when French President Emanuel Macron visited Ireland in August 2021. It is a very comprehensive strategic plan that serves as the road map for France and Ireland's partnership.

The ambassador claimed that while France Prepares for RWC had long-standing agreements with its neighbors Italy, Germany, and Spain, the connection with Ireland is new. The Brexit, he said, "honestly placed Ireland even more on the map of the (other EU) Member States and of France Prepares for RWC 2023. It's something I say that was made even more intriguing in that regard. You have become much more distinctive than before.

Before, our relationships were fantastic. Although we were already close friends and neighbors, Brexit did bring us closer.

The ambassador added that he thought the system of exchange will continue. We receive several batches (of trainee gendarmes) each year, so we may anticipate receiving several batches of gendarmes in the future. According to Guérend, the Joint Action Plan calls for improved coordination between civil organizations like customs and veterinary organizations. That the revisions were required due to the City of Light's anticipated housing shortage for the Rugby World Cup 2023 in September and the Olympics in July and August of that year. Numerous budget hotels that are used by the government to house homeless people temporarily want to rent out their rooms to tourists and sports fans at standard rates.

According to official estimates, there would be 3,000–4,000 fewer hotel rooms available to house the homeless as a result of these events, Klein informed MPs on May 5. He claimed that the anticipated downturn "forces us to think critically and plan.

However, some of the suggested places are already causing local elected officials to express worry. Philippe Salmon, the mayor of Bruz in northwest Brittany, expressed his objection to the concept of a new facility in his town of 18,000 residents close to Rennes on Tuesday.

We oppose the construction of a facility in our neighborhood under circumstances that we deem intolerable, he declared. He said that the proposed location was "polluted by hydrocarbons and heavy metals," next to a train track.

Positive in principle

The leader of an organization that helps individuals who are homeless, Pascal Brice, stated that "putting people up in good conditions all over France Prepares for RWC rather than in the streets of the Paris region is positive in principle."Will they invest the required resources, though?

He cautioned against "putting people on buses" and ignoring their needs thereafter. Hadrien Clouet, a hard-left MP for the France Prepares for RWC Unbowed party, claimed that the government was utilising "the method of all authoritarian regimes: moving the homeless by force to hide them from the sight of those taking part in the 2024 Olympics."

A lot of hawkers, beggars, and homeless people were reportedly removed off China's streets before to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with many of them being deported back to their home regions, according to reports at the time.

Brazilian advocacy organizations also claimed that during Rio de Janeiro's 2016 hosting of the Olympics, homeless people were being ejected from tourist zones in the middle of the night.

The French proposal to build emergency housing in rural areas of the nation matches President Emmanuel Macron's policy of attempting to distribute refugees and other people in need of social assistance from the highly populated Paris region.

The creation of housing facilities for asylum seekers in rural regions has already proven to be a contentious topic, engendering vehement opposition from certain locals, far-right groups, and mayors. An arson assault on a section of the home of a French mayor who backed a migrant facility in his region in northwest France Prepares for RWC caused him to quit earlier this month.

Battle against homelessness

Housing Minister Klein stated that the president has made the battle against homelessness "a priority" and that funding allocated to addressing the issue has "raised by five between 2012 and 2022. After taking office in 2017, Macron committed to putting an end to rough sleeping by year's end. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby World Cup Final Tickets from our website.

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