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Notice that the strategy guide only applied to the Classic and Battle modes!

By ErisPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Ive included my own video tutorial to reach the top the fastest. Recorded on my iphone.

One day as I was browsing the wondrous app we call “Facebook” (tm), I came across an ad of a quaint little mobile game named There was a video that frankly, I did not pay any attention to. I scoffed at it and ignored it, assuming it to be an ad for another cheaply made time-waster game. Rightfully so, as these games are abundant on Steam and Mobile cellular devices.

I am a fan of the .io type of games. was the first that I had ever played and it was addicting. I am a stat-oriented gamer and enjoy games that involve growing your numbers and progressing quickly. did just this and the satisfaction of the game grew the more you played and the better you became at it. As much as I liked this style of game, I never felt that anything would live up to my preference for

In case you're wondering, yes I downloaded it anyway.

Even though I blew it off before, I grew bored one day, as I often do. I decided to check the app store for this game that I had seen advertised and decided to download it. If I didn’t like it, I could just delete it anyway. After one round, I found that the game was actually... quite fun! This one was unique to me, as the mechanics strayed slightly from classic .io games. In this one, you did have to eat other players to grow and progress, but to even do that, you first had to strategically consume your environment. I had never seen this concept in a .io game and I actually really enjoyed it.

I actually enjoyed it so much, that I have most likely played it over one hundred times from download time to the present. It’s a fantastic and fun time killing game which is wonderful for me, since I have a very boring and uneventful nighttime security job.

So, you want to know how to win?

I played this game so many times over and over that I have developed a (nearly) foolproof way to beat it! This only applies to the Classic and Battle modes, though.

Me Becoming Top on the Leaderboard in Only 30 Seconds

Stage 1:

You want to swallow ONLY small things and in quick succession. This is the path to growing the largest, the quickest. Due to the physics in the game, which can be a bit wonky at times, you can only swallow what your hole can physically take. (This article is going to have so many innuendos, my goodness. I promise you, they're simply unavoidable. Even the game makes hole puns on the loading screens.) Things you want to consume at stage one:

Citizens, trash cans, yellow crash poles, fire hydrants, mailboxes.

These are the easiest to swallow at stage one. Yellow crash poles are usually staged in lines that feature about six of them. These should be your main focus early in the game, as they will give you the most points the quickest.

Stage 2:

At stage two, you are only slightly bigger and can consume only about two more things safely while still being able to grow quickly and not waste your valuable time. You only have two minies to be the best, so you have to charge on! At stage two, consume everything listed in stage one, but also move on to consuming as many as you can of:

Cars, trees, lamp posts, anything in the parks, and dumpsters

The parks are going to ALWAYS be your best friend and if you have trouble finding the things listed in stage one, look for a park. The park is the second best method to growing quickly in the early game.

Stage 3:

At this point you are big enough to start swallowing everything mentioned before in previous stages. Continue to swallow all of these things until you hit stage four. If there are any players smaller than you, consume them as well. Absorbing other players is a great boost to your score, and a bigger step closer to being the winner. Continuing to consume the smallest assets in this stage is a smart move, as it prevents smaller players from having anything to feed on.

Stage 4 and 5:

By this time you should be large enough to begin consuming small buildings. The small buildings can be tricky. Don't get too cocky and try to scoop them all up in one go. Unless you are enormous, one fell swoop isn't enough to consume the clusters of small buildings. You have to slowly move below them and consume them individually, this will prevent them from toppling over, which makes them harder to swallow at this size. It also wastes your time. Slowly consume small buildings in succession and continue consuming the small things in earlier stages.

TIP: If buildings are getting stuck ion your edges, move back and forth to shimmy them in easier!

Stage 6 and 7:

The final stages! You've come so far and grown so big! You can eat anything on the map now. At this point, your main goal is to maintain your high score and consume everything. To be on top, you must be merciless. Consume every player you see and every large building that you can cram inside of you! Once your two minutes are up, its game over. You won!

How do I know if I can trust your wisdom?

I have played this game so many times and have gotten so good at this game that people know my username and they hunt me. I have had countless other players chase me down to try to disable me and prevent me from winning. I know, I have no life.

Did you enjoy the article?

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