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Hades PC: One of the Best Games of 2020

by Delhi Magazines about a year ago in pc
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Hades PC: One of the Best Games of 2020

If you’re one of those crazy gamers who like experimenting and playing new games, you must be familiar with popular games like Pyre, Bastion, etc. Supergiant Games are considered one of the most popular developers whose games are played to this day by many people.

It seems like whatever Supergiant has practiced over the years, they applied on bringing up ‘Hades,’ which is a strong PC game. The game finally got released in September 2020; however, you might have heard about it earlier because of its early access release in 2018. The game received an overwhelming response on Steam with reviews by over lakhs of people. Isn’t that amazing?

So why is everyone dedicated to Hades? Here’s everything you need to know about what is being offered by the game and why you should play it once if you still haven’t. So, let’s get started!

Blend of Roguelike and aRPG

Many people love role-playing video games, and most games are based on high fantasy narratives, like Dungeons and Dragons. The game is designed as such that you die over and over, restarting the same until you defeat and win. A few roguelike games get you a bit further even if you restart. While other games follow technical level generation, a deep unlock system for levels, and varied gameplay, each run differs from the previous one.

People who have spent adequate time playing aRPG games will notice that Hades has a blend of the same because of its isometric action. It includes tasks like unlocking weapons, unlocking keepsakes by presenting deities, and more.

Discover a Storyline While You Play

There are roguelike games that follow no storyline and rely upon gameplay only. For instance, Dead Cells prompts you to play as a headless prisoner who must kill the High King. There are a few hints that drop regarding the story, but then that’s it. On the other hand, Hades follows a storyline that unfolds while you play.

You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who attempts to escape the underworld with the help of a few relatives. The number of runs you attempt, the deeper you dig into the storyline. Even when you reach the endgame, the story continues to branch out. The icing on the cake is a definite personality that each character of the game holds.

Hades Offer a Fresh Experience

It isn’t unchallenging to keep a roguelike game feeling fresh because of playing the same levels over and over. However, Hades introduces new things with each run. For instance, each section is followed by a theme; therefore, you won’t be playing the same levels. Once you complete an encounter, you’ll have to make a choice between paths. Everything combined, you’re going to have a whole new experience each time you play.

Easy and Fun to Play

Playing Hades is an overwhelming experience; it looks beautiful. In case you’re worried about the pace of action, it is easy gameplay. You can quickly get hold of the same, and slowing down is the key to great effect. Sure, you can mash each button in the enthusiasm to play, but if you’re looking forward to winning, timing practice is what you need. Also, make sure to experiment with boons and skills to form combinations and see what suits the best to your gameplay.

Hades is an incredibly easy and fun game. The best part is that you never get fed up with the same, no matter how much you play. Even if you’re not an expert at playing, the myriad character upgrades enable you to go a bit further and help you become powerful.

Getting down to a conclusion, Hades is one of the best PC games to play in 2020. As the year is about to end and it’s the holiday season approaching, Hades is a great pick if you still haven’t experienced the same.

Unfortunately, the game is unavailable for Xbox and PlayStation, but you can use Nintendo Switch.

Source: Hades PC: One of the Best Games of 2020


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