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God Of War Ragnarok Trailer: Game Story and exprience

God Of War Ragnarok

By Quick PicksPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
God Of War Ragnarok Trailer: Game Story and exprience
Photo by Ivan Stern on Unsplash

God of War Ragnarok Trailer: Game Story and Release Date


This complete article about the new God of War trailer I am so excited to write my thoughts and what exactly the trailer trying to say God of War audience you watch the trailer so if you doesn't watch the trailer please go on check the trailer then visit to read this article because we cover lot of interesting facts what trailer exactly try to say God of War audience and Gamers

The trailer begins with Atreus, a grown teenager, touching the tree and sensing something that Riya so very close colour when he touches it exactly reference the god of war beginning, Kratos touching the tree to find his wife in that tree he saw a hand painted symbol obusoly it was his wife's hand

Following this trailer's beginning, that same magic trick was atreus, so it was converting atreus to play a major role in this game. Atreus tries to save Kratos in the trailer, saying in the dialogue, "Who is keeping you safe?" So simply, a son tries to protect his father.And another most peaceful dialogue in this trailer, as Kratos said, "Death can have me when it's earned me," gives anyone watching this trailer, including me, goosebumps.

By Daniel Stuben. on Unsplash

Inscription detailed breakdown

Inscription drawings show a lot of details, and secretly, it is the lead for the complete game. Atreus sees the drawings. First thing in the morning, he signed the drawing of Tyr struggling in jail. Then Tyr followed the wolves.

overall atreus find he want save tyr and storp the Ragnarok. May be atreus got lot of troubles in this game, marvel or norse mythology story line, loki is not real son of Odin also brother of Thor he's just adopted child the same story this game also loki Thor or Odin kidnapped the train to get permission or Bhai kidnappedlike same story possibley fallow this game too, Freya kidnap Atreus and try to adob his sone without his permission.

In the trailer Freya taking some necklace on atreus head, obviously it's a missaletoe.

Possibly Atreus and Kratos will be separated on both sides before playing the game because, in the trailer, they are fighting separately before teaming up. Kratos uses his old game fighting style without his son, so he is possibly searching for Atreus or they have divided into separate sides.

Many shorts Kurtos is feeling worried and may be trying to distract Ketoes. If Odin ever plays this game, it's a surprise for the audience because it's the best God of War game in all of Norse mythology. That's why every rym is showing on this game. Moreover 40 hours gameplay story line hindi entire game but it's not confirmed.

Atreus have a secrect plan ,he holding some black colour ball, in the previous trailer hi holder blue colour ball intaht perticular blue ball The Haty word mention in that ball. but new trailer he holding Balck ball and it mentioned skull. But both Haty and skull is a same meaning it reffer the wolfs.

By Sean Do on Unsplash

The wolves always chasing the moon and sun in the Clouds

Atreus aming is bow and shoot the sun then the wolfs chasing the sun. simply by leading or making a gateway to chase the sun.

When haty chasing in the sun the sun gone and Moon game, in that particular short mention atreus and control the weather or dey and night. This possible starting of the game, when norse mythology started the wolf byted sun and moon, then completely earth on darkest zone. Simply ask Atreus Kik to strategize the game.Kratos also saying he following atreus anytime anywhere, because kratos has a lot of betrayal by his friends, he always aware on don't get betrayal by his own son,it just a guess. Lot of game play added on this part blad of kayos used in Many shorts.

Three important things I noted on this trailer, in past game many players complaint about enemies very less enemies count in the entire game

In Amaze, the God of War Hero simply changed the colour and acids, but everything else is the same model, enemies list, enemy count, and any variations.

But this game designers give lot of Monsters elss and creatures of course wellcaries. But mention part of the trailer: Desi Cradley's ideas, kar City in the trailer, also chain swing fight We anticipate chasing in the game.

the final short.

Thor vs katos santamonica confirmed one thing compared to previous God of War games this game will be more ruthless powerful boss fight, because stories longest God in norse mythology katos using as usual is axe , that's axe completely ice maybe triangle button improve the axe power but blad of cayos is missing in final boss fight Kratos using only leviathan axe.

Thor called his hammer by snapping fingers may be Kratos cut Thor finger and dissconect his hammer connectivity. This year Best game is Elden ring but this game competition for every huge graphic game. Maybe this is number one game in 2022 announced in end of the year.

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