'God of War' - Game

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A Review Written by a Total Newb

'God of War' - Game

The newest installment of the God of War series was released on April 20, 2018, we waited awhile to purchase the game, and unfortunately, I have waited even longer to release this review. Please keep in mind this particular review was mostly done through the opinions of two separate people with two separate play styles. Also, I myself, the writer of this particular post has yet to be able to find the time to complete the game; though I have seen its conclusion. So here are my thoughts on the game, without the pesky spoilers.

My Experience with God of War

As a college student, and an admitted gamer newb, who doesn't have time, energy, motivation, etc... to dedicate myself to hours of frustrating gameplay to enjoy the more hardcore gaming aspects of the experience. This particular game's story was exceptional, the longer I played, (even on the easiest difficulty) I kept asking myself, I wonder where I am in the game so far, because I still have about a million questions. Knowing very little about the game prior to writing this particular excerpt of the experience, I find myself eagerly watching/playing to get to the end of the game in search of the answers to the many questions I seek about the story-line so far, and I am wondering how the game's developers are heading to take it. So, in those regards, I have little to no critiques for the overall story experience of the game. I think the writers did an excellent job keeping us intrigued, and I think whomever was in charge of gameplay, design and the sound team brought the game to life exceptionally well. This comes from my preference to get the story of the game, prior to trying out the multiple difficulties until I have exhausted the newness of the game.

My Boyfriend's Experience with the Game

Now keep in mind we have lived together for the past three years, and I've spent hours watching him play games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, & Borderlands, Dark Souls, and after I got him a PlayStation 4 for his birthday last year, I've had the privilege of watching his gaming technique manifest, which includes a single play through, cranked up to the hardest difficulty available on the game, which usually result in minor fits of rage, where he usually has to readjust his position either up or down. Sometimes after a particularly difficult scenario, even has to move from one piece of furniture to the other. So, after watching his completion of Mafia 3, Witcher: The Wild Hunt, and Dark Souls 3, and our mutual love for the God of War series, I eagerly encouraged his purchase of the game.

I've never seen him have to move so much.

I've counted at least four nights since we purchased the game, where he has stayed awake till three in the morning, trying desperately not to have to go to sleep frustrated at a particular area in the game. We've had the game nearly two weeks, and in that time, I still don’t know when to expect the games conclusion, and my boyfriend has nearly gotten the hang of the "Give me God of War" difficulty. In the history of his gaming, never before have I seen it take this long for him to complete the game.

So, whether or not you enjoy a story-oriented gaming experience, or a make-me-throw-my-controller-through-the-wall challenge, I would say God of War comes highly recommended.

My Overall Rating for the Game as of June 3, 2018… 10/10

If you have had any desire at all to play these games, I would suggest you stop what you are doing, get in your car, drive to the nearest game stop, purchase your treasured copy, bring it home, and unwind with a bit of “safe” violence. This installment was jam-packed with something for everyone and honestly it is wonderful.

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Ella Fern
Ella Fern
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