God of the PS4

Round two matters. Valkyrie Queen hurt my feelings.

God of the PS4

"BOY!" was a word I disliked throughout my life. It just sounded super degrading. BUT! when Kratos says it. It just makes more sense. God of War 4 is a game with not only great cinematics and brutal action sequences. It has a great story of father and son relationship. It was so great, I had to play the second round on New Game+. The experience became more "Godly," you can say. Playing New Game+ allows you to carry all of what you earned from the last gameplay, all the way back to the start of the game. Now, this may sound stressful, but trust me, it's worth it. I found my self wanting, even more, to achieve better stats and armor. Completing difficult quests and battles. This isn't the purpose of maybe why I wanted to take on playing it again. I already knew what was going to happen, but I didn't forget, Kratos and Atreus are Gods. To be honest, I didn't feel that on the first round of gameplay.

I've played the previous God of War games, and Kratos knew he was a God, that he is a God in the beginning until the end. In God of War 4 Kratos wanted to leave that behind, and live a balanced normal life, that he had with his love. He had no reason to really take the role as a God.

So playing the God of War 4 on second round, enables you to really take the true power Kratos is fully capable of. Other then lifting large statues of Thor, or having healing powers like Wolverine. You get to build him like a God, as well as Atreus.

What was I able to tackle on the second round of gameplay? For many hardcore gamers, New Game+ wouldn't even be an option, maybe they don't need the backings of strong armor or skills. Just the muscle memory of quick combinations of button pressing, and skill of alertness. I may not have thee best reaction time, and my palms do get sweaty in climatic situations, which I find myself constantly trying to dry them out so my fingers don't slip on the controller, but I am fairly observant. So I figured, I wouldn't accomplish something unless I had the means to do it. In this case, I'm talking about the Valkyries. On my first round, I faced all the Valkyries and only beat four out of seven, technically there is eight, which is the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun. (Spoiler) Or you can say nine, but the ninth is not really someone you fight in the game. (Or is she in the next, which is completely obvious, *cough* Freya.) I found myself tossing my controller in the trash can many of times, only retrieve it back with apologies, due to how hard and difficult it was to destroy these quick and agile warriors.

Rant: Wouldn't it be cool to see a movie based on the Valkyries? No not the ones in Thor Ragnorok. But based on the mythology of Zeus and the Valkyries. (Steal this idea.)

I found myself telling Kratos, "But you're a GOD! The God of War! Why are you not strong enough to destroy these flying beasts?" only to find out for myself, that Kratos is not a GOD in this game, or the first round to be exact. He was first and only at this point, a Father. Let us first understand that Kratos fell in love, had a child, and the true purpose of the game was to send the ashes of his beloved into the air of Jotunheim.

And then, once it is said and done, there isn't much left to do, but really prove that you are a God. So play on New Game+ , new armor, new enchantments, and double to triple increase of your status, will get you to a more fulfilling achievements. I finally have beaten all the Valkyries, with little effort, got my feelings hurt a couple of times fighting Sigrun, which she is thee most difficult boss I have ever encountered in the game. I completed it. I finished God of War 4 in memory of his beloved, as the God Kratos truly is.

Congratulations to Creators and developers of God of War 4, for winning the best Game of 2018, and five BAFTA awards.

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Jade Lastimosa
Jade Lastimosa
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