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Giblins Early Access Overview

by Devon Kilworthy about a month ago in product review

Giblins Fantasy Simulation Mobile Game

Giblins is a new early access game which is a simulation fantasy game. You hatch eggs to get your Giblins, and then assign them to appropriate jobs. There are several different buildings to build. Most of them are underground, in areas you need to clear out from dirt and rocks. There are also a few buildings above ground which, when stocked with the necessary items, will earn you periodic gold coins.

Underground Buildings

As you level up new buildings will become available. To start out with you can create a Mine, which will allow your Giblins to mine resources such as Rusty Bits, Coal, Cave Moss, etc. Some of the items you mine will be used in the Smelter for various metals and some will go to your Brewery to make different beverages.

The metals you create can then be used in the Smithy and Scrapyard. The Smithy and Scrapyard will allow you to create various weapons.

Cave Moss and Mushrooms you gather from the Mines will allow you to create your beverages in the Brewery.

The items you create in your Smithy, Scrapyard, and Brewery will be used above ground in the buildings and for customers, will talk more about those buildings further down.

As you level up you will unlock additional buildings to put underground. You will also be able to create more Mines, allowing you to mine materials faster.

The blocks of dirt underground will need to be cleared in order to create more space for you to add buildings as they become available. Regular dirt blocks can be cleared out by your Foreman. There are the odd rock blocks, both small and large which you will need Dynamite or TNT to clear them out, both of which can be acquired through completing quests.

Above Ground Buildings

Fulfilling Customer Orders

Above ground, you will begin to get a lineup of customers. You can have a total of 5 customers lined up to fulfill orders. Each customer will require different materials or items and you will receive gold and xp for each order completed. This is a quick way to get gold and to level yourself up. However, it will chew through your materials and items quickly.

Trading Post

There are some materials required for some items that you can only get either through the market or from your Trading Post. At level 29 you will have access to all 3 Trading Post Carts. It is worth sending off your carts in the Trading Post daily. If you find that you have an abundance of materials you can either skip sending the cart or put those items up for sale on the Market and earn yourself some good coin.


At the Tavern, you will be able to stock it with different beverages. Over time you will earn coin. You will have to assign Giblins to the Tavern in order to earn the coin. Keep the Tavern stocked to continually earn Gold Coins.


At the Theater, you will again stock it with different beverages and food as well as assigning Giblins. Like the Tavern, if you have it stocked you will continually earn Gold Coins over time.

VIP Customers

The VIP customers and similar to your regular customers. They will come with a required item. However, with the VIP customers, you will earn items that will allow you to upgrade both above ground and below ground buildings.

The game is still in early access so you will come across bugs from time to time and not all content has been added yet. More will come as the game goes through updates and gets closer to a full release.

The game is a great casual game, with some really nice graphics. I would say that there isn't a whole lot of excitement to the game. It would be nice if there was some kind of questing to do in the game. Such as equipping Giblins with items and then sending them out to fight some beasties in the woods. As of yet, there is no guild system either. Hopefully, some more interesting content will be added.

product review
Devon Kilworthy
Devon Kilworthy
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