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Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh by Neal F. Litherland

A Spooky RPG Tabletop Game for Your Next Campaign

By Little AlicePublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
This spooky RPG short campaign is perfect for your next game night!

Looking for a spooky thriller for your next game night? Ghost of Sorrow Marsh is a one-shot mystery adventure with dark fantasy and horror themes sure to give you chills until the very end!

The twists and turns will have you guessing until the very end!

Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh is a short horror mystery game for 4-6 first level PCs (player characters). This 5E compatible game brings the suspense of an old-fashioned ghost story with the excitement of unraveling the grim fates of disappearing travelers in the dying town of Bracken. Despite the mayor trying to safeguard travelers with hired militia, and volunteers from the town, those who travel on the Old Marsh Road after sunset still disappear. Out of options for her town, the mayor offers a reward to anyone who can clear the unknown dangerous of Old Marsh Road. Players must choose to play as a Bracken local, a friend of a disappeared traveler, or an adventurer seeking glory and reward.

The goal of Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh is to solve the mystery of how and why the travelers are disappearing on the Old Marsh Road - the main trade road leading through the marsh outside of the town of Bracken. The survival of Bracken and its residents depends on the success of the players. Supplies in the town are dwindling, and if the road is not safe for travel, the residents will starve and Bracken will become a ghost town.

Will your players survive the Old Marsh Road?

This one-shot game is perfect for horror fans, and those who enjoy a good fright now and again. There are many resources in the town of Bracken that can help set up the party for success; allowing players to determine the difficulty of the mission by deciding what resources to utilize or to go without. The resources are a combination of supplies and intel provided by the NPCs placed in the game. Each Bracken NPC has plenty to offer, and great backstory on this unique town, providing an immersive experience for the players.

The choice between mining the NPCs and shops for supplies and intel, or heading straight to the Old Marsh Road allows for players to decide if they want a quick, high-stakes battle, or if they want to spend several hours of great roleplaying and setting themselves up for a truly horrifying adventure. The game also gives multiple resources for players to discover helpful intel, even out on the Old Marsh Road.

You provide the dice, this guide provides the rest

The materials included allow for this to be a great plug-and-play game. There is a map of the “world”, and each section of the story gives the GM (game master) detailed information on buildings the players can enter, and what crucial NPCs, items, and intel they can find. This takes a lot of the planning out of the equation for the GM, allowing for a quick, fun game that a group can play together at a moment’s notice. There is also crucial battle information for the monsters and NPCs the players will encounter on the Old Marsh Road, so a Monster Manual is not necessary.

The flow of the game makes Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh a great game for both players who love the immersive role-playing experience, as well as the battle-hungry players to truly shine. There is a “path” the players will be expected to follow in order to solve the mystery. This narrows the options the players have, which takes the pressure off new players who may be overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite choices with an open world campaign. This game is also great for experienced players who are looking for something fun and quick to play as a palate cleanser between grand campaign game nights. Conversely, this game is also great for players who are looking to cut their teeth as a GM. The limited world and the clear paths the players can take allow for the GM to experience crafting the story for the players without having to build an entire world or dungeon on their own.

Play this campaign late at night by candlelight if you dare!

The ending to Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh also allow for the potential of using this game as a starting point for a grand campaign, or at least a second chapter to this one-shot, of the GM’s making. A great game for those who love one-shots, but don’t necessarily want the adventure to end there.

The Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh is a great one-shot game for players who love mystery and horror. The storyline has truly grim history and plenty of terrifying foes to face. Perfect for newbie players or experienced players looking for a truly immersive experience that will leave them spooked by the game’s end. Play the game at night by candlelight if you dare!

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Concept: Neal F. Litherland

Writers: Neal F. Litherland & Matt “KCRift” Everhart

Editor: Susan Harpt Grimes

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