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Gaming: Nvidia RTX 40 series detail review in 2023

Nvidia RTX 40

By Quick PicksPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Gaming: Nvidia RTX 40 series detail review in 2023
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This is a short note about Nvidia rtx 40 series. In this article we goona see what are the models NVDIA officely announced. Graphics card availability and release date andgraphics card prices in some websites. How they improve graphics card performance. How to update the cards. Finally overall thoughts.

  1. Nvidia officially announced three models. Rtx 4090 24gb , rtx 4080 16GB, rtx 40802 8GB. 
  2.  The both 4080 is separate models and the specification is also not common it is for separated.
  3.  Intex 4090 is available from October 12th
  4.  Rtx 2080 is available from November the release date is  officially not announced.
  5.  Hot X 4090 starts from 1599 US dollars.
  6.  Hot X 4080 16GB starts from 133000.inr
  7.  Rtx 4080 12 GB variant starts from ninety nine thousand five hundred indian rupees


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Nvidia announced comparing to the year old graphics card system they provide a lot of performance wise fast and speed quality graphics cards. But when card arrived on we buy and review in this article.


If you update a new PC build are you gonna buy a new graphics card rtx 3080 is recommended are you want to update latest version wait for few weeks you can update for 40 Series


RTX 4000 leaked


Nvidia and AMD announce a new graphics card in every 2 year. They don't really safe record at single time splited 6 month by 6 month. It means every 6 month they release a new graphics card .

Lot of gamers expected this is September they announced new nvidia update .

If a new video release a new GPU indefinitely high end graphics to compare previous Nvidia.


Many people Amazed on Nvidia 30 series.

GeForce rtx 3090 TI power adaptor is 16 pin cable. Before 5 to 6 years they only used just 6 pins but now 16 pins 10 pins added extra for high speed graphics.


This technology consume lot of powers, the current update is rtx 4090 text 600TDP w power.  Lot of power construction provides a lot of heat energy on CPU. Definitely 40/80 is double power to consume previous model card 

By Nana Dua on Unsplash

40 90 performance like 3080.


But  AMD is gonna create new revolution in graphics card. The main motto of AMD is they want to consume power Nirmal stage they want like to consume lot of power energy. The rumor spreading  lot of power conservation  79100 hd 452-  480 words.


RTX 4090


  • Board - SKU PG 139- SKU 330
  • Architecture Ada (TSMC 4N)
  • GPU AD 102 - 300
  • SMs 128
  • Cuda Cores 16384


  1. Boost Clock 2520 MHz
  2. Memory 24 GB G6x
  3. Memory Bus 384- Bit
  4. Memory Spped 21Gbps


  • The Ultimate GeForce GPU
  • 83 Shader TFLop
  • 191 Rt TFLOPS
  • 1.32 Tensor PetaFLOP
  • 24 GB G6x



NVDIA improve their gaming a lot, nvidia announce every 2 years per once what is next graphics card in the nvida lineup is.


Like they innovate architecture for new generations, for example, the RTX 3000 and 5000 in the Quadra series, these are all used by an architect at NVidia, honerd a new important person in the computer field by the name of Lovelace. Plating video games, editorial photography style, and new artitexture take the new gen rate race. Nvidia always gives a perfect quality in the rate race, but this time it's so quality.

Nvidia introduced a new engine called the encoder engine. This engine is used for Blender software, and major 3D artists get benefits from it. Racer X technology already has a cycle engine giving a quality rendering, but this engine gave a more clear and realistic render.


By Nana Dua on Unsplash


Every physics and rate of racing is highly clear and accurate; there are a lot of differences to compare games. In the game, a lot of sequences are pre-breached, but this is fully optimised. Previous gme simulation was difficult, but ada lovelace architecture's efficiency skyrocketed when compared to ampire; ada was more efficient over time.


Nvidia archived AMD and high efficiency, so double the performance for 100 dollars more. Rtx 4000 has twice the amount; Rtx 4080 also had some issues; using the entire 3080 vram is not enough for gaming. Just think about the $4090 price. It may be double.


AMD and Intel are coming back to graphics cards for gaming. Nvidia Technology is remastering many old games. Rumours are circulating that portals are taking over at read racing.


Porttellines is one of the most famous games and is based on physics. This is not you should This time around, they introduce a new technology called RTX remix.


A lot of games support this technology, which helps to remaster the full AI algorithm. The AI algorithm first reads the game, then scales it up to increase the texture level with high-quality texturing.


We provide high-quality graphics, lighting, and a realistic texture. So rat race lighting also includes high-resolution pictures and a lot of other things to help remaster the game.


This technology applies to older games than older games, where video quality and graphics quality increased 10x over time and were much closer to realistic. Everybody knows about the Nvidia Metaverse, also known as the Nvidia Omniverse.

This metaverse is the bridge between 3D animators and VFX artists. If you have Nvidia, you can do this kind of graphics work completely free of charge. So finally, the Rtx 4000 is releasing on October's Mini month.

That opens up a lot of possibilities for AMD-column.


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