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Gaming glasses: Why do your eyes need them?

Gaming glasses: What they do and their benefits

Do your eyes feel tired when you are playing your favourite game? Do you get a severe headache or blurry vision after spending too much time on your computer screen?

We know these discomforts are not desirable when you want to play competitively. This is why gaming glasses are a necessity to protect your eyes from too much screen time. We know you are a smart customer and want to know everything about a product before you buy it. This is why we have collected all the information about these glasses to help you decide whether you need them or not.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. If you are a professional gamer or aspire to be one, there is no escape from digital screens.

Gamers need skills, time and patience to grow in this field. However, growing becomes a matter of debate when your eyes are constantly under stress due to exposure to high-energy blue light emitted from the digital screens. It can have adverse effects on your health and may even lead to ‘digital eye strain’.

It is often noticed that when we are looking at a screen, we blink less often. This allows blue light to enter our eyes through our cornea and cause a problem known as dry eyes.

To top it all, the glare from your computer screens hinders your near vision forcing your peepers to focus harder which can lead to blurry visions, dry eyes, and headaches. Our display screens emit high amounts of high-energy visible light. However, our eyes are not meant to focus on such light for longer durations. As a result, when we are gaming for long hours, our eyes are working harder to compensate.

Digital screens can damage your eyes over time and put you at a higher risk of eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Wearing glasses will help you avoid this situation.

What do Gaming Glasses do?

There are two main culprits behind eye problems from digital screens - blue light and glare. Gaming glasses have blue light and anti-glare coatings on their lenses to protect your vision and help you play for longer hours without wearing out your eyes.

Gaming glasses are a smart choice to shield your eyes so they are relaxed even when you are playing your favourite game. There are a variety of stylish online glasses frames so you don’t have to sacrifice style while protecting your vision.

Benefits of Gaming Glasses

Reduce digital eye strain

As we have discussed earlier, one of the major effects of blue light is digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. The symptoms of this problem are dry eyes, blurry vision, headache and red eyes. With the blue light blocking technology of gaming glasses, you are better equipped to play for long hours while giving the best kind of protection to your eyes.

Reduce glare

If you are using a screen with the source of light behind you, the glare reflected from your computer screen will cause irritation in your eyes making it to focus even harder. Good-quality gaming glasses are an effective way to eliminate the glare and steer clear of any eye discomforts.

A Better focus

No matter if you are playing on a computer or your smartphone, your eyes are working overtime to focus on the screen. What we tend to overlook is that this intense concentration makes our eyes blink less and our eye movements also get reduced. Gaming glasses will give your eyes a break so they don’t have to work extra hard.

Better sleep

Staring at your smartphone or computer screen before you go to bed reduces the release of a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for a healthy sleep/wake cycle. If you have difficulty sleeping, blue light might be a reason why you feel this way.

Blue light blocking glasses will help you sleep well which will help you improve your performance when you are gaming.

The final thought

It is hard to focus on your favourite game when your eyes are hurting. Using gaming glasses will protect your eyes from digital eye strain so your gaming experience doesn’t get interrupted by headaches and dry eyes.

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