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Game Review: Undestroyed

by Epitome Publishing about a year ago in combat
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By Blade of Ashes

Dream Play and Key Maker. (2021)

What is their to say about Undestroyed that cannot be said about a number of "Cyber Punk Style" games coming out at this turn of phases and plans that and plots that make the genre so eye catching. As mobile games go, most of them lack a certain grit to them, falling into the judgement of so many "Forever Grinders" that come free in on the google or apple store. With the return of a number of Retro Style Games like "Mega Man", and "Contra Returns" the 2D platform jumper battler genre has also made a strong comeback in the markets as so many highly skilled gamers take their shot at the extreme difficulty of these old style games.

As so many Gamers demand such high graphic content in order to achieve greatness, these easy to stream forever- Grinders come as god-send to those limited to the confines of cheap phones and devices. undestroyed being one of those games that has low graphic quality, but a challenging and complex strategy based means of getting through the 2D Level that is set before you and your selected "Battle Body Character".

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

To begin with, the game comes with very little dialogue and very little wait time to jump into anything. The shadow puppet style heavy setting of a very dark Cybernetic Dystopia, makes only a silhouette of you and all of the other robots capable of speech. For some reason. Despite being highly advanced Robots however, the dialogue and words come one letter at a time, and very painstakingly as you try to get what the story is. Being loosely that you are a Battle Body Robot, and your are here to fight.

This is whole concept comes as a very loose explanation, as you soon finding yourself picking up weapons and going in to fight a number of other Dark shadowy figures of robots, and the booby traps waiting for you in the levels to come.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

The Game has a pretty straight forward set up, as you pick up weapons and battle options from the robots that you go through and defeat. The weapons that Drop are few and fare inbetween and come at almost random in there selection, and their abilities. This concept of Random probabilities is what makes the game a challenge, as each weapon has a different attack style, and a different range of attack. As some weapon have a bit more speed, other do more consistent Critical damage, or allow you an extra dash, or downward Jumping attack.

As you got through the game facing robots of varied abilities and close or short range attacks, you come to find that your limited, health and your time cooled dodge, can only keep you alive for so long, enemies prove to quite proficient in providing a 2d bullet hell of attacks and tight conditions where every step and strategic instrument counts.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

As you fight your way through the hordes of ever adapting and harder to slay robots, the game becomes increasingly more adept to the random loadout that you chose. So it is important to choose your level up abilities wisely, and strategize around the ever concerning concept of that your life bar, and extra live, and health potions are all limited, to your ability to strategize around their lack of abundance.

Ddream Play and Keyu Maker (2021

With the end of each level, their is a random selection of the levels that you can continue on to. This selection is important to your ability to gain extra enhancement and attack abilities, gain the money that you need in order to buy those abilities, or get to the Randomly selected NPC's that upgrade your weapons or abilities.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Each area is made to test you in different ways, and all lead up to a game boss that can prove to be rather difficult depending on you loadout.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

The greatest advantage you have and the only stability that you can obtain in this game, are you battle body load out, and your skill tree. The skill tree is something that only upgrades the more that you make it through the game, and the ability you get are best suited for the battle bodies, and the weapons that have loaded out for you. Its best to revolve your strategy around you loadout, and not leave anything to chance as every little enhancement towards your skills counts in major ways.

(As is you can obtain battle bodies by talking to the random story pieces and NPC's that appear in the game. Or people can buy them for you through your live streaming options, if you have a well set up twitch account. All this is an ongoing contest to see who can last the longest in Undestroyed, and make it the farthest, getting the highest score in Experience points.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Although the game (in the pre release version) has a number of bugs or false floors that might hinder your progress through the game, some of those problems can be fixed by leaving and logging back into the games screen. As it was made obvious to the creatures that this game might come with a few bugs in the pre released version, that makes some of the effort of dealing with these bugs worth while.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

As you make it through the game leveling up your character, and trying to figure out the algorithm that produces the boss you will have to face. Your good choices will culminate in the defeat of the boss, which allows you to add more power to your character, as well as restore a great deal of HP (health points) to your easily destroyed health bar.

The boss fights are viscous and challenging fights, where only watching, observing, and exploiting the bosses openings, will allow you to defeat them with any sort of eases. Each boss comes with a number of close and long range attacks, that keep you guessing, as well as surprise and hidden attacks that they only pull out when their health is low, or you have been doing a fare amount of damage against them. But if you are familiar with their load out, and yours, with a bit of luck and a great deal of skills, you can defeat them.

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Dream Play and Key Maker (2021)

Defeating bosses gets you DNA with you need to further complete challenges and progress through the game, using the ingame payout. It takes time to master this game of narrow corridors and laser turrets, but all in all the strategic 2d RPG adventure game, is fun and entertaining, and keeps you guessing and on your toes through every level.

I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking to get into the retro 2D scrollers, but is looking for something new. As it is with the return of the 2d Scroller of Metroid. "Undestroyed" is a game that seeks to break the mold in a few ways, when it comes to the power struggle of those who find 2D games to be a bit predictable.

The full release is highly anticipated by me Blade of Ashes, As I can only wonder what new weapons, adn sub weapons that will add to the game, in order to increase the fun random strategy of this Shadow world of robots and androids.

Get your battle body Ready, and prepare to be "Undestroyed!"

(On a sad note however: J'mar Tarafa remembers that this game might have been one of the games that the FBI agents of the B section of the Four-Chan Forums, may have been responsible for making this game purely out of a need to drive mister Tarafa Crazy and steel his characters. Support This game only after these -rich jerks-, agree to pay Mr. Tarafa The money that they owe him, in full.)


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