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Game-Based Movies Need To Stop

When will the movie industry learn

By Davlin KnightPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - February 2022
Game-Based Movies Need To Stop
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To this day, I have yet to find a game-based movie that has done an amazing job adapting a game to a movie.

I think it is fair to say that it is nearly impossible to cram 10 to 12 hours of gameplay or an entire series into a 90-minute movie. But movies will continue to try to do so.

With titles like Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Uncharted arriving soon, I can't help to wonder why they even bother. It just hurts so much to see games you played and poured sweat, blood, and tears into getting executed poorly.

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City has got to be one of the most recent biggest disappointments. It was like the directors of the movie were so out of touch with the gaming community. They hired actors that didn't match the appearance of the game characters and threw the movie out to everyone.

Resident Evil has characters with distinct hairstyles and colors that make them, them. So it hurts to see them do this.

Actor Of Game Character Leon

I mean without even playing the game it is so clear to see that this actor looks nothing like the character. Which would have been okay if the movie was actually good, but it wasn't.

I think the movie industry should just leave games alone. At this point, they are making movies and slapping on game titles to get people to watch. Honestly, nothing new with Hollywood. Leave it to them to find everything to make a movie out of.

Now, not all game-based movies have been awful. I actually sat through Sonic The Hedgehog and felt the movie was decent. The casting was good, and there were parts I smiled or laughed at.

And at least for Sonic, the directors listened to the community and created a sonic that looked like the game character. But he did look like this before they listened...

Sonic Before & After

Yeah, I know. It is nightmare-inducing. Like who sat down and said the Sonic on the left was okay. There is no way. That is how I know the studio knew little to nothing about Sonic. Or they thought they could butcher the character in the movie and everyone would be fine with it.

I also just hate that people who never played the games these movies are based on, watch them and leave with the impression that the game is bad. I remember finishing the Resident Evil movie series and my mom not liking them at all.

And even though, I enjoyed the movies and thought some scenes were super sick. I do feel some of the characters were just thrown into the movies just to be there.

The same with iconic scenes from video games. I feel that the directors throw these scenes into the film just for the fans that actually played the game.

This can be seen in the upcoming movie, Uncharted. The trailer shows one of the popular game scenes where Nathan is on a plane and must hop from cargo to cargo, to make it back safely on the plane but if you played the games then you know he doesn't make it. Spoiler alert. Gasp.

The whole movie is going to be filled with scenes like this I am sure and I hate to sound angry but I feel it is going to be bad. Not bad enough to hate but you will probably leave feeling the movie was okay.

It will be a nice film to watch but I wouldn't have too high of expectations. It is a movie with a game title slapped on it.

So I hope you guys are ready for upcoming titles like:

  • Uncharted
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • The Division
  • Minecraft: The Movie
  • Metal Gear Solid. ...
  • Five Nights at Freddy's. ...
  • Splinter Cell.

I'm curious to see how these play out.

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