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It started with a compass.

Game App Love
Where it all began

Phone game apps, what can I say, we all download them, we try some then delete them, but I would never think a phone game app would actually change my life - until it did.

August 2018, I download an Android game app from the Google playstore, I open it and of course like most RPG's it starts with a tutorial, at that time with so much going on in my life I was just looking for a simple game one that would be my wind down time of an evening, so when I seen that it was going to be more involved than I thought, I closed the app & decided to give it another go when I had a bit more time. Two weeks later now when I opened that Game App for a second time this was the start of where my life changed.

My game name was Khaleesi, for many reasons it just fit. Continuing through the tutorial and basic learning I continued. Starting with a team of Heroes I progressed on leveling up and unlocking new things as I went on. I got to a level where I could join a Guild contemplating on whether I should or not, I joined a Guild named Ruin Nation. I knew nothing to what was involved with joining a guild, though there was now a guild wall chat where I was welcomed by the rest of the team for joining. I was not really the guild wall chatty person being shy and all, so I continued to do the normal daily quests but obviously I was helping the Guild more than I realised. Each teammate had a rank, there could be more than one with the same rank besides the Leader who there was only one of.

A week went on and I approached by the leader AlterDermise - aka "AD" for short. He asked if I wanted to be promoted to commander which was the rank under himself the Leader, from there I took the new rank as Commander.

Promoted to Commander.

The guild member limit was 40 and communication was very important as every teammate was located in a different part of the world, some from the same country/state but mostly our time zones were different (myself located in Victoria, Australia - Haighe was also located in Victoria) as teammates logged in some logged out but as long as we kept up the chat wall communication, things went great.

Members joined the guild and members left the guild but there was about 7 of us that formed a good friendship - AD, Haighe, King Tuck aka "KT", Diesel, Itachi and Penguin. You just felt like you had known them forever, until AD recruited "Kwinturbo".

The moment Kwin joined RN there was something about him, something that I had never felt, I did not know what it was or why, but it was there. Kwin was from Perth, Australia. The 7 of us and our wall chats became very humorous and we made each other smile and laugh, I became more confident & not as shy as I was, and this was all in the space of about 3 weeks. One of our wall conversations ended up in me writing "ok lol you have all lost me, I'm lost lol", where then Kwin popped up with a response which was "throws you a compass" this was the first wall message from Kwin.

That compass message had my gut trying to tell me something and I could not work it out, but as time went on everything became more and more clear and those gut feelings I had never had before turned into something Magical.

It all started with a Compass.

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