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Fused Zamasu Is 'Confirmed' to Appear in 'Dragon Ball FighterZ!'

by Michael Reynoso 4 years ago in combat
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Fused Zamasu has been confirmed as the next DLC fighter for 'Dragon Ball FighterZ!'

Image Credit: @AFGCNews

Welcome, Dragon Ball FighterZ fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael.

Breaking News!!!

Fused Zamasu has been "confirmed" to be the next DLC fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ!

I am so pumped for this, guys!

To add Zamasu, along with the new characters in the game (Broly & Bardock), is a huge deal. Today, I will cover all the details about the new arrival of Fused Zamasu and other characters that will be coming as well.

So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

Proof of Fused Zamasu in V-Jump Magazine!

Image Credit: @29Veru

Shoutout to Veru on Twitter for posting this from the V-Jump scan. Now obviously, this magazine does not show Vegito Blue, which is going to be the character paired up in the DLC pack with Zamasu. As you can see here, these are all screenshots of Zamasu's finishing moves. Now for those that still did not believe the DLC character were getting and based on the scans, after Fused Zamasu appears, Vegito Blue will come after him. Then it will be "base form" Goku, "base form" Vegeta, Android 17 "Protroller," and Cooler "Final Form".

Now in regards to Kefla, that character is not listed with the other characters but will appear soon. Hopefully, we will get a confirmation about Kefla's arrival sooner rather than later.

Proof of Both Goku Black & Zamasu Scans About Their Fusion Form!

Anyways, you can see up here, there is a little times sign "X" because you know both Goku Black and Zamasu are going to fuse.

Proof of Fused Zamasu's Special Move Scan Revealed!

This scan here is the most interesting picture of the whole scan. I think this reveals what Zamasu's gimmick is going to be all about, or at least one of his gimmicks. The text below of this shot says,

"After you put a special move, Zamasu is able to float and move in any direction."

So this is basically an "8-Way" movement that we have seen in previous fighting games. Zamasu will just float in the air the entire time while attacking, which will allow him to now be defeated easily. Now, usually, these abilities will leave you vulnerable so you cannot just use it recklessly.

Zamasu looks invincible in this shot here against Future Trunks (Super Saiyan). Based on the scans here, there will be a cinematic finishing move of Trunks beating Zamasu, which I cannot wait to see and it will be really cool. There are stats above both fighters (SS, C, SS, B, S) that displays if a fighter performs well.

Vegito Blue

So, fused Zamasu is the third new character we are getting, alongside Vegito Blue. I cannot wait to see what they do for him. Hopefully, there will be scans later on that show Vegito Blue.

He has not been confirmed yet.

The data has been pointing him out and it seems that he is the logical pairing for Zamasu.

Fused Zamasu's Meteor Attack Screenshot!

In these screenshots here, it looks like fused Zamasu is unleashing different finishing moves. Now, what is really exciting about this scan is, "Meteor" attack, which is level three super. People have been speculating whether this would be his intro, but the scan says that this is his meteor attack. This is the level three super of Zamasu. Him sprouting his wings like that looks so good, even in this low-quality picture. I cannot wait to see this happen in the game. I cannot wait to see what this looks like.

Imagine a player using Zamasu and unleashing these devastating finishers on you on a daily. That will blow your mind right away, right?

Now, just because we knew Zamasu was coming, we did not really know at first which version of Zamasu we were going to get. It seems that it is merged Zamasu and I think most people are going to be happy about it. I am personally happy about this news. If we are going to get Zamasu, we might as well get the best version of him.

Multiple Zamasu Heads in the Sky!

This also confirms that this Zamasu sky is coming to the game. I do not believe this at all! If this happens, I do not know what to say and, quite frankly, this should not be included in the game.

Fused Zamasu

This is something brand new for Dragon Ball FighterZ and it is really exciting to see!

The Magazine comes out on April 21st and, at that point, Bandai Namco may release one of those five-second trailers and possibly look at some gameplay. I do not think we will see any official Vegito Blue announcement before this is over and done with. I am not going to speculate too much on fused Zamasu.

I am going to wait for proper gameplay so we can watch it and break it down. So far, these screenshots are looking good.

That is all the Dragon Ball FighterZ news I have for you today!

I wanted to share this important information with you guys.

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^


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