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Full Dye Custom Sublimated Cross Country Uniforms Manufacturers in the USA

Custom Sublimated Cross Country

By r2g sportsPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Custom Cross-Country Uniforms


Cross-country running is a sport that combines steadiness, strength, and mental fortitude. Players push their limits while traveling, challenging landscapes, and competing against the clock.

Cross country Uniforms are designed especially for clubs and college teams who want to run in the open air, such as dirt and grass. The uniforms for such games should be durable and long-lasting to stay in place during tough times.

R2gsports manufactures one of the best Custom Cross Country Uniforms in the USA. They use full-dye sublimated technology for printing which doesn't let the print fade or creek. The jersey, pants, and accessories fabric are lightweight and breathable.

In this blog, we will discuss how they design their cross-country gear and what apparel they make. How can you design your customizable cross-country uniform with them, and how do they have the fastest turnaround time?

Custom Sublimated Cross-Country Uniforms

They design these uniforms from sublimation technology and domestic quality fabric. Their Cross- country attire includes XC jerseys, XC pants, XC hoodies, and XC jackets.

Cross-Country Jerseys

For the games, cross-country clothing should be vibrant and stylish. The xc jersey is the leading apparel that makes a statement. The name and number of the player are included.

There are three types of jerseys: Varsity, compression, and proline.

This Varsity Pattern xc jersey has no sleeves for maximum comfort and performance. This jersey offers a timeless and classic look with its standard back and round neck.

Performance Micro Poly or Mock Mesh fabric keeps you cool and dry during harsh workouts and matches.

Whether running on the track or hitting the gym, the Varsity Pattern adds a touch of style to this jersey.

An XC athlete can wear this high-performance jersey with sleeves and a racerback. This sleeveless jersey features a racerback design allowing a full range of motion during tough workouts. Its Proline Pattern makes the overall design functional and visually appealing.

For versatile and stylish sportswear, try the Compression Pattern XC Jersey.

Short-sleeve or sleeveless, racerback or standard, crew or V-neck styles are all available. During physical training, compression technology provides support and boosts flow. Workouts or team sports are perfect for this product.

Shorts for XC

XC shorts and pants include compression shorts, compression pants, Varsity, and Proline patterns. The performance fabric in these shorts and pants gives muscle support and breathability to keep you comfortable while playing.

These Cross-country jerseys and shorts are available for all ages and sizes with vibrant color choices.

Cross-Country Accessories

They design workout shirts, quarter zip jackets, Microfiber Quarter Zip jackets, workout shorts, compression shirts, and dull-dye sub coaches polo. All these attire add an extra stylish look to the XC uniforms. You can wear all this apparel casually or for practice too.

Features of our Custom XC Uniforms:

Personalized to the max:

With their full-dye sublimated uniforms, they take customization to a whole new level. Each team can create a genuinely unique uniform through the sublimation process. Their designs range from bold patterns and vibrant colors to custom logos and personalized player names. Whether your team wants to showcase its school spirit, showcase a sponsor, or stand out from the competition, they have the right gear for you.

Durability and quality:

As a demanding sport, cross country puts uniforms to the test. They understand the importance of high-quality materials and construction. Besides being lightweight, their uniforms are durable enough to withstand the parts. Even after countless washes and races, the sublimation process ensures the colors and designs won't fade or peel. You can rest assured that your team's uniforms will maintain their vibrancy and goodness all season long.

Performance and comfort:

Cross-country uniforms must be comfortable. To make sure players can perform at their best, they pay close attention to the design and fit of their fabrics. Even during tough races, the breathable fabrics keep runners dry and cool. Additionally, the uniforms are tailored to allow for freedom of movement, stopping any block to stride length or arm swing. Their maximum comfort and performance allow players to focus only on their race.

Unity and team spirit:

As a team sport, cross country advances teamwork and unity. Their custom uniforms enable teams to show off their spirit and pride. It boosts the sense of belonging and unity when team logos, mottos, and motivational quotes are blended into the design. In addition to representing themselves, players show their team, school, and community by wearing their uniforms.

Fastest Turnaround:

These Uniforms are designed in the USA with the best domestic quality fabric and unique designs keeping in mind the client's demand for their custom attire. We deliver orders within the USA in ten days and Overseas within four working days with the best quality products.


R2GSports is creating cross-country uniforms with their full-dye sublimated options. They deliver on every front, including exceptional customization, durability, comfort, and sustainability. With their uniforms, your team will look fantastic and feel a sense of pride and unity. R2GSports is the factory to trust if you're a cross-country team in the USA. Our full-dye sublimated cross-country uniforms will help you defeat the race in style!


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